How about the Lention USB-C hub review?

When we detect the need to increase the USB ports of our device, we know the manufacturers and ask ourselves why we put so few, luckily we can recommend Lention Dual USB C to HDMI hub.

HUBs typically have 4 ports, and they are usually of two different types, those that want external current, and those that don’t, the latter being more powerful.

The way this device works is similar to how WiFi works. The controller is the one in charge of giving permission to each device can transmit the signal to the USB port, assigning an address to each of these devices connected to the HUB.


What is the best USB HUB of 2022?

Currently, it is essential for almost everyone to have a USB in their possession and therefore the need to obtain a Dual USB C to HDMI hub to extend the capacity of our computer increases considerably at the same time. Here we present the best options recommended by users who purchased a hub. So that, based on positive experiences, without room for error, you can make a smart investment.

The additional features or functions are also a fact to take into account. Depending on the use that we are going to give it, we may be interested in different functionalities or characteristics. Some hubs have displays that show the voltage and current intensity, which have specific ports to quickly charge other devices or even smart ports, capable of detecting what is connected to them and acting accordingly, for example.

However, the quality of the 5k docking station will depend on the controller, as we have already explained in previous publications, there are different types of USB (2.0, 3.0, and 3.1) referring to the read and write speed that they provide us. Thus, if we’re using for example a USB 3.0, we’ll have a max speed of 5 Gb (625 MB/s) as per the standard, however the memories do not actually reach up to that speed. 

If you want to buy the best product at the cheapest rate, we recommend going with Lention brand. If you are wondering how about the Lention USB-C hub reviews, well, it has several positive reviews and users love that brand a lot! You can also explore through a wide range of MacBook air leather sleeve from their official website.

Here in the following section, we will learn how to buy the best USB hub.


The appearance is sometimes essential if you want to keep a certain harmony in the use of electronic equipment, if we want the HUB to be consistent with the rest of the devices, we can search in a wide variety of designs and shapes that are currently in the market. In this case, we must also take into account where it will be placed, and based on this criterion you can choose an elongated, round, or square one.


With the rise of peripherals, the evolution of USB ports is becoming more and more necessary. To determine which is the best USB that adapts to the specific needs that are required, we must attend to the version of our device that is compatible with the type of USB that we must acquire.

For example, the most recent version (3.0) will be much faster than the previous one (2.0), to make the most of the performance of each one. Although previous versions are compatible with our device, it is recommended that if we have a current version, we do not resort to previous USB versions that will slow down the process without being able to remove it.

In the case of acquiring a 2.0 hub and you connect your recent smartphone that uses 3.0, the data transfer will be at the speed of 2.0. This is a very important fact that you should take into account if you like speed when you use your peripheral devices.


A number of ports:

In this case, we must previously know the number of devices that are needed or wished to be connected, generally, the most common HUBs are with 4 USB ports but we can find them with 6, 10, 12, or even 20 USB ports. In any case, we recommend that you choose a HUB with a couple more ports than you need at first since it is always good to have some margin available, because at some point they may be necessary.


It is recommended to use a HUB with independent power but also includes its own power cable, these HUBs can provide stable connectivity on each port. In addition, there are devices with switches in each port with the aim of turning the power of said connector on or off at our discretion, without a doubt this is an added value, which is not essential but is especially useful when evaluating its value.

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