What are the best MacBook sleeves?

As soon as you buy your MacBook, you want it to always be as good as new, beautiful without scratches, and 100% functional, the best thing you can do for it is to buy a protector against shocks, liquid spills, and protection against dirt.

Are wondering what are the best MacBook sleeves as there are several brands on the market? Well, we recommend buying Lention MacBook air leather sleeve. This product has already earned a good review.

Of course, when you have your MacBook computer, you don't want to place it in any place prone to even getting dusty the first day you buy it.

It usually happens that many times when buying these products through the web, it ends up arriving in the wrong size or color, it was not the one in the image or the laptop is too tight. But don't worry, because through this article you will find the best MacBook covers with guarantees and opinions that support its operation.


The lack of knowledge often leads to acquiring products that are not of the best quality that end up wearing out very quickly or losing their properties such as protective padding.

This type of situation can be avoided if, with proper guidance and knowledge of some important aspects, you can choose the best quality product and brand.

Not just any case should protect a laptop that has so much elegance, style, and prestige, despite the temptation to expose the said product to nature. It is important that you take into account the price of said computer and the importance of protecting it from scratches, bumps, scratch marks among others.

However, before choosing the MacBook air leather sleeve that best suits you, it is important that you consider certain aspects that can be taken into account when choosing the cover that will accompany you throughout all your days.

The material with which it has been made, the size, the design, the exposure to weather conditions such as high or low temperatures, and if you are interested in what most people are interested in, the design and of course the color.

How should I choose my MacBook air leather sleeve?

In order to take your MacBook wherever you want without being affected by sudden movements, shocks, or contact with other objects, you must have the best case that can protect your computer well, with an adequate size which is measured in inches along and width including the edges of the computer.

Another outstanding aspect is the quality of the product, knowing in depth the manufacture of the cover is one of the most important things if it is made of leather, polyester canvas, velcro, neoprene or microfiber are aspects that you always have to consider.

Neoprene and canvas covers:

Neoprene covers are the most suitable if your tastes are to keep your computer safe without much noise or decorations. However, they offer us a different variety of colors to choose from, its design is quite simple, padded with sober colors and easy closure for uncomplicated access, its design is very ergonomic and allows it to easily adapt to any type of computer, it completely envelops your MacBook case.

Hardcover cases:

Hardcover cases or as they are also known as shell-type cases were designed with the MacBook in mind to protect the computer in situations of movement such as open space; the park or the mountain.

Hardcover cases offer greater protection to computers and are practically waterproof and dustproof. Another important aspect to highlight is that hardcovers offer different types of design and can change the look of your MacBook laptop.


Leather or skin-based covers:

If your workplace is usually an office or important meeting place, you should not carry your MacBook in your university backpack, that is why the most important companies have been involved in the development of elegant and sophisticated cases to go according to any business meeting.

In general, the manufacture of this type of cover increases its value given the type of material, however, its appearance will give you a serious and executive personality wherever you go.

Cases with handle and pocket:

On some occasions, we need to go out with our computers, but we do not want to carry the backpack and so many things on top, for this type of situation it is important that we have a cover that we can carry in a practical way and that in addition to this we can introduce any of our personal objects.

In that sense, this type of case is made of a material to resist shocks and the weight not only of the computer but also of the content that it can house in its compartments. The covers with handles are designed for a good grip and to be able to move it for hours without being bothered by its weight.

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