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Lention Development History

In November 2009, starting from a stall, Mr. Li Huansheng embarked on the first step of starting lention Business. The first product produced by Lention was Apple iPhone Case.

In March 2011, the founder Li Huansheng officially registered the corporate logo of ®lention in Guangzhou. The lention team expanded rapidly in the same year.

In June 2012, the company clarified the concept of "team", and entered the era of team operation from the original era of individuals fighting alone.

In January 2013,the company joined China large B2C E-Commerce Platforms - Tmall and JD

In July 2014, affected by the wave of domestic e-commerce, Lention products began to enter Amazon (US and UK site) and became one of the earliest Chinese company in 3C industry to enter Amazon. Ali express store and DH gate shop was established at the same year. Its business scope has gradually expanded from Asian-Pacific region to United States and European, and even the world. Since then, the lention enterprise's online business and offline business has gone hand in hand.

By this year, Lention has developed more than 118 Models and 680 SKU Products. Also, the company further strengthened brand promotion, participated in lots of industry exhibitions and spent huge sums of money to apply for patents.

During the period 2014- 2019, Lention has constant participated in the Spring/Autumn Hong Kong Global Sources Expo.

In 2015, Lention Join the Japan Amazon.

Lention was listed as Top 10 in MacBook Accessories US Amazon.

In January 2016,Lention Screen Protector breakthroughing Sales 800,000pcs.

In the meantime, Lention started to develop MacBook USB-C Accessories.

In March 2017, Lention was listed as Top 10 in MacBook Accessories US Amazon again.
In this year, Monthly sales of Lention MacBook USB-C accessories break through 200K.

In 2018, the company moved to Longkou West Road, Tianhe District, with an independent office of 200 square meters, and the foreign trade team constant expanded.

At the year Global Sources Electronics Show, Lention CB-CU707 product was rated as an analyst's choice product;

In 2019, Lention start participated in Hongkong Electronics Fair.

In January 2020, Lention team went abroad and traveled to Las Vegas, USA to participate in industry exhibitions. Since then began a new era of lention overseas exhibition expansion.

In August of the year, www.lention.com have been upgraded and started to serve its customers directly.

We're working on making Lention brand more broadly - so stay tuned!

Brief Introduction

LENTION was established in 2009, starting from the rapid developing period of mobile devices. Lention company integrates design, development, production and sales into one, specializing on premium accessories of Apple and Samsung. It's efficient team plays an important role in organization which is a valuable property to lention company. The team conceiving new ideas and being with many year' experience in field with the aim to making perfection of 3C accessories. To customer safety, satisfaction, rest assured that lention company is always pursuing.

As one of the earliest professional company of PC peripherals in China, LENTION has also achieved great success in developing business in the international market. Today, LENTION® become a leading brand and redefined the height of 3C accessories. Our current sales network evolves around more than 80 countries and regions. Such as the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and so on. LENTION has become a specialized company of many international brands and supplier of chain groups.

User-friendly is the best interpretation of LENTION Accessories. What lention care about is not only the market, but also - whether it can make user's life more pleasant and convenient. Lention believe that experience is everything.

Paying attention to the overall PC peripherals market situation, standing on a strategically advantageous position and caring about user's ever-changing demands allows LENTION to grow constantly as a global brand and supplier of PC peripherals products.

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