Looking for the best yet affordable ANC wireless earbuds?

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology uses a noise-canceling system to reduce unwanted background sounds. This system is based on microphones that “listen” to sounds outside and inside the headset, an ANC chip set inverting sound waves, and a speaker located inside the headset canceling out the external sound by neutralizing the sound waves. It's kind of like adding 2 on the outside and subtracting 2 on the inside to get 0.

Looking for the best yet affordable ANC wireless earbuds? Trust on Lention brand which is one of the reliable brands today in the market.


What is active noise cancellation?

Improving sound insulation has always been one of the main objectives in sound systems. When it comes to headphones, those with a more hermetic design through different techniques, such as quality cushions, or a structure more adapted to our ears, usually offer good isolation. However, the techniques mentioned are 'passive', minimizing the impact of ambient noise through the design of the headphones themselves.

Noise cancellation types and parameters:

Your headphones can cancel noise in several ways. Choose the most appropriate setting, mode, or type of noise cancellation for your commute or relaxation time.

- Passive noise cancellation Employ well-designed earphones that can isolate external noise. It is used in both over-ear and in-ear headphones, where the earpiece itself blocks out external noise.

- Active noise cancellation Uses microphones and speakers to reduce background and surrounding noise. It is the most common type and has been used mainly in circumaural headphones. This technology has become so small and efficient in terms of autonomy that it can be used in truly wireless in-ear headphones.

- Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation Employs microphones and speakers to automatically adjust to your environment. This is the most sophisticated type of ANC, adapting the level of noise cancellation, digitally, to the environment.

- Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation Allows you to modify the amount of background noise you can hear by manually adjusting noise cancellation levels. It's useful if you just want complete control.

- Transparency Mode Allows you to tune in to your surroundings without turning off the music or removing your headphones.

- Adjustable Transparency Mode Allows you to modify the amount of outside noise you want to hear without turning off your music.

Travel with Lention ANC:

Regardless of whether you want to catch up on a podcast, listen to your favorite album or simply isolate yourself from the madding crowd and enjoy your plane ride in peace, Lention ANC wireless earbuds or headphones are your perfect ally. By activating ANC on your headphones, it will consume more battery power. So, if noise isn't one of your concerns on long trips, you can turn off ANC technology to save battery life. 

The ideal choice for flying would be a headset with hybrid ANC technology, as it works on both low frequencies (such as the low hum of an airplane) and high frequencies (human voices), helping you isolate noise from a crowded plane and access its own particular soundscape.


How does Lention active noise cancellation work?

Active noise cancellation is proof that the superposition principle of wave theory holds. It states that when two or more waves hit a point, the total wave is defined as the vector sum of all the incident waves. In this way, an artificial wave can be created through what is known as destructive interference, which aims to develop a wave of opposite phase to the signal we receive, and in this way, the result of its sum is zero.

In practice, the total wave that originates from this opposite signal is not totally zero, but it succeeds in greatly attenuating the external noise that passes through our ears. The effectiveness of the ANC will depend on the quality of the system that is incorporated into the headphones.

To pick up external noise, the headphones make use of all the microphones. This information is vital for the system to recognize which noise it must 'cancel' in order to continue its work and thus generate a wave of opposite phase. This wave is generated by an independent electronic circuit, in charge of analyzing the information coming from that external noise. The most advanced Lention ANC headphones have a dedicated processor to perform these functions.

The effectiveness of headphones with active noise cancellation in low and constant frequencies, such as the noise of an airplane engine, car, train, or the hum of computer equipment and fans, among others, will be even more noticeable. The system can reduce the noise level by more than 25 or 30 dB. In addition, this system, together with passive cancellation techniques, such as good cushions, will achieve great sound isolation as a whole.

Having Lention headphones with active noise cancellation also means that we can listen to music, a podcast, or any other content, without the need to turn up the volume.

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