How to Right Click on a MacBook Pro

These days, there is no longer any need to utilise the multiple buttons on your keyboard to navigate your way through your Mac’s system. After all, since the invention of the mouse and trackpad, you can browse through your various files and system applications with ease. This is why the right-click function has proven to be one of, if not the most important tools on any computer. And despite the right-click button disappearing from most mouse or trackpads these days, it is still a necessary command that plays a valuable part in daily Mac use. However, there are a few new Mac users who may not know how to use this function. As such, we decided to put together a short article on how you can utilise the right-click functionality on Mac to its full potential.

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Now, during the early days of the digital age, the computer mouse normally came with multiple buttons. These side buttons, essentially provided extra functionality and allowed users to complete extra tasks with minimal effort. However, as time passed, many companies including Apple, decided to do away with the right click button completely, at least when it came to the invention of the trackpads. Whereas the left-click function is used to open programs and files, the right-click function, allows users to access the extra options and features of the given files, folder or program in question.

This is also why many laptop users these days often use a USB C multi hub. As these accessories help expand the level of connectivity ports on your Mac. This giving you the ability to plug in multiple external devices eg. an external mouse or keyboard. This has proven to be a very common practice, especially among users who feel more comfortable than using their Mac’s trackpad. Moreover, the right-click button is especially valuable when conducting high-intensive tasks and programs such as video gaming. This is because whenever a user needs to control the gameplay efficiently, the right-click or control-click function can help facilitate that, for example. This is also why gamers often utilise an external mouse and keyboard when gaming on their PCs and Macs. As it allows for a greater level of control, movement and adaptability. In such instances, users tend to either use a wireless mouse or connect it to their Macs using a usb-c cable. If you are unfamiliar with these accessories, they are cables that are universally compatible with most devices and provide you with an extensive array of features and accessibility options. You can connect any external device be it keyboard, mouse or speakers. Moreover, they are valuable when transferring files across multiple external storage devices or computers using a micro sd to hdmi adapter, for instance.


Moreover, if you are a gamer, then you should also purchase a laptop stand from a reputable brand like Lention. These accessories are highly recommended, as they will securely keep your Mac stable on any desk or workstation. Plus, they are perfect for any form of video gaming, as they also offer adjustable angles and height to accommodate any kind of gaming mode!


Either way, whatever your need is, what’s clear is that the ability to utilize the right-click function, allows users to increase the number of controls of their Mac, making it a very important and necessary feature to have. This is also why whenever users have issues with their Mac’s trackpad, they would either urgently take their devices for repair or simply connect an external mouse, instead.


How To Use The Right-Click Feature On Mac


Despite the Mac not having a right-click button anymore, this doesn’t change the fact that the functionality is still ever-present on trackpads. However, if you do not know how to perform this task on your Mac, then you can simply follow the steps below. And one of the easiest methods to access the right-click function on Mac, is to use the keyboard shortcut. You can easily accomplish this by holding down the control button. Then clicking on whatever file, image, program or folder that you want access to. It is one of the most easiest yet unknown methods of accomplishing this task, making it an excellent method for new Mac users.


Another method to go about the process is to head to your settings to configure your Mac’s trackpad to perform the right-click function. As mentioned before, just because Apple did away with the right-click button, does not mean they discard the function completely. The trackpad allows users to conduct the same functions that you can on an external mouse. But, only if you have enabled the function in your system settings. You can enable the functionality by heading to System Preferences > Trackpad > Secondary Click. From there, you will able to choose your personal preference on how you would like to use the right-click function and it’s features. You can either opt to use the right-click function by tapping two fingers, clicking the bottom right side of your trackpad, or clicking the bottom left side. However, if you decide that you prefer to use an external mouse for the sake of comfort or ease-of-use, then you can do so. All you will need is to purchase an external mouse and search for the best usb-c hub in the market to help improve your Mac user experience.

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