5 Reasons to buy Lention laptop stand!

We can all agree that laptops are more convenient devices to own than desktop computers. This is primarily because of the mobility and portability that they offer. However, there is no doubt that laptops without laptop stands can often be an inconvenience for most people, especially if you tend to work on your laptop for long periods. These accessories provide so much convenience to users, as it allows you to position yourself in the most comfortable way possible. Plus, beyond just using these stands in offices, you can carry them to any remote work area such as coffee shops, restaurants, etc.


However, most people may not know what the benefits these accessories offer. Furthermore, it can be hard to pick the best types of laptop stands to buy. So, to make it easier for you, we’re going to dive into what some of the main reasons why you should own a laptop stand. And also discuss some of the best models made by one of the most reliable manufacturers, Lention.


  1. Improves Airflow


If you have owned a laptop for a long time, then you are no stranger to an overheating device. This is a problem that many users who conduct intensive tasks and programs experience. And while fans can be useful in dissipating excess heat, that may sometimes not be enough. Moreover, if you continue to let your device overheat regularly, it could result in severe damage to some of your laptop’s internal components. This can then inevitably result in a malfunctioning laptop that may end up requiring an expensive repair. However, when you use a laptop stand you can prevent this, by providing the additional airflow needed to keep things cool.


In this regard, if you are looking for the best model that can offer you great airflow then look no further than Lention’s L5 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Desk Riser. It possesses an adjustable function that allows for multiple angles based on your personalized needs. The rise-up structure also keeps your desk neat and organized, which means that any external keyboard & wireless mouse could be organized as the stand raised, greatly clearing and simplifying the working area. In terms of design, it is machined from aluminum. This allows for heavy-duty carrying and thus could fit in all laptops within 11’’ - 15’’. It is also designed to be completely open, thereby providing effective heat dissipation to prevent slower performance, malfunctions, and system crashes due to overheating or general heat fatigue. Moreover, the rubberized strips keep the laptop fairly stable and secure on any desk or workstation. Plus, the whole thing is lightweight and very easy to move, which means that it is also surprisingly portable and compact.

 LENTION L5 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Desk Riser with Multiple Angle

  1. Convenience


If you are a remote worker who spends a lot of time in cafes, libraries, classes, or even airplanes, then you will want something that will fold up to a pretty small size. In other words, you need a laptop stand that you can take with you wherever you go. After all, if your laptop sits on your lap for any extended amount of time, it will get uncomfortable. This means choosing some simple, lightweight, small, and compact that will provide several benefits in travel situations. In which case, we suggest the Lention Aluminum Laptop Stand (Stand-L1). It raises the computer screen height by 3 inches, bringing the screen in closer to eye level for clearer and more comfortable viewing. It also comes designed using a lightweight Aluminum alloy, which absorbs and distributes heat away from the laptop efficiently. Additionally, it has a cable outlet on the back, which ensures that your desk or workstation stays neat and organized.

 LENTION Aluminum Laptop Stand (Stand-L1)

  1. Reduce Workspace Clutter


One of the benefits of owning a laptop angle stand is that it helps you to reduce clutter. Most people who work at the office or even from home can relate to having so much stuff laying on their desks, leaving no room to work comfortably. This is especially relevant as laptops tend to take most of the space on any workstation, leaving no room for other forms of work, like writing, for example. So why not go for something that provides you with extra workspace? In which case, we suggest the Lention Aluminum Space-Saving Vertical Desktop Stand (Stand-LS1). This stand comes with an aluminum alloy triangle base design that ensures sturdiness while cradling your laptop vertically in a ‘closed clamshell mode’. This does well to get your desktop well-organized and save space, while also expanding your device's connectivity at the same time. It also comes with a premium rubber mat covered around the grooves, which effectively protects your laptop from any unnecessary scratches.

 LENTION Aluminum Space-Saving Vertical Desktop Stand (Stand-LS1)

  1. Functionality


These days, whether it is working in the office or home, if you can afford to get a laptop stand that does far more than the basics, then that is preferable. There are different types of stands available in the current market. Some of which offer unique features and functionalities beyond the obvious. For instance, some come with additional drawers and even extra USB ports, that can serve as charging facilities for your laptop and other mobile devices as well. There are also laptop stands designed for use on desks, sitting on the couch, or in bed, some are all on one desk, such as the Lention 35" Gas Spring Adjustable Desk Riser (VM-SD10). It all depends on what your personal needs and preferences are.

 LENTION 35" Gas Spring Adjustable Desk Riser (VM-SD10)

  1. Improves Posture


Most people would laugh at the concept of standing at your desk to work rather than sitting. However, you would be surprised at the numerous studies that have proven that standing offers more health benefits rather than sitting down. Moreover, some health experts state that standing while working can help mitigate any possible health issues such as diabetes, obesity, back pain, neck pain & fatigue. And one of the best ways to use this method is by utilizing laptop stands. More specifically, by purchasing Lention’s 31" Height Adjustable Standing Desk Riser (VM-LD03). This accessory is highly functional and comes easy transform from a sit to stand mode, which creates the benefit of sitting to standing on demand. It comes with a single handle design, that allows the desk to be lifted into the next height level very easily. And also has a premium pump assisted lift for comfortable and stable set-up. Moreover, it also has a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 22 lbs, ensuring a dependable surface for any external monitors or other office desk devices.

LENTION 31" Height Adjustable Standing Desk Riser (VM-LD03)

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