Upgrade of the Desk Setup|LENTION L5 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand (Stand-L5)

Something new in my set up today because @lentionofficial kindly gifted me their L5 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand— thank you! 🥰

I had an occupational medicine discussion a few weeks ago about computer ergonomics, so I’m happy to have a stand I can adjust to the right eye level + tuck my keyboard underneath to rest my wrists properly ✨

Specific features of this L5 Stand include:

- Height and angle adjustment from 2 to 13 inches 📐
- Made of thick premium alloy so it’s SUPER sturdy, even if you type on it 💯
- Anti-slip rubber pads to prevent scratches between the laptop and stand 🙈

If you’re in need of a setup upgrade, you can check out www.lention.com and use the code “LTLS20” for 20% off on all original priced items 🤗


nice review by @littlecitydoc