Perfect stand for my desk Lention L5 laptop stand

There are quite a few things that make my day, one of which is posting and interacting in this community. Seeing all your lovely posts sparks so much joy in me. I always make sure to check it whenever I have a free time so I can get motivations and inspirations from you guys 🥺 So grateful to all of you ✨

Another thing I’m grateful for is this new addition on my desk!!! I’ve been wanting a light but sturdy stand that I can use for my ipad and laptop. Gladly, @lentionofficial sent me their Lention L5 laptop stand. It’s the perfect stand for my desk as I can also use it for my iPad whenever I read and take notes! (No more neck pains for me!!)

Things I love about this stand 💻✨





✨It’s compatible to all laptop within 11”-15” (also compatible with my iPad,         which is 11”)

✨Very flexible!!! The height and angle can be adjusted (2-13 inches)

✨It has anti-slip rubber pads.

✨Very stable! It’s made with thick aluminum premium alloy.

✨Very compact and light. You can carry it everywhere.

✨Sleek and aesthetic! Will prolly match any setup you have!!



If you think the qualities of this stand will be a great addition on your desk, use my code HALILS20 so you can get a discount from Lention when you buy 💻✨

Happy Sunday, loves! Sending love and light 🤍


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