Essential for Online Classroom|LENTION L5 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand(Stand-L5)

it’s finally mid week!! 💗 this week is such a busy week for me due to my hectic schedule (online classes & my piling up assignments 😭) that’s why @lentionofficial ‘s  adjustable laptop stand helps me to get through long hours of online classes everyday!

Thank you so much @lentionofficial for kindly sending me their adjustable laptop stand 💗🥺 what I love about this product is it’s so useful & easy to use! the design is so minimally aesthetic looking & it fits my desk so well im in loveeee <3 it can also be adjusted to the height you prefer too!

✨ some features of this laptop stand

🔍1. It can be adjusted to any height you want as it has an adjustable angle & a height of 2 - 13 Inches.
🔍2. It is made of a thick premium alloy. so, no matter how hard you type on it it stays stable & still.
🔍3. It is an anti-slip rubber pads design. this would avoid scratches between the laptop and the stand.

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