The Review of the Rose Gold LENTION 7-in-1 USB C Hub with 4K HDMI and more(CB-C36B)

Hello everyone!💓
A lot of you asked me how I use my monitor with my laptop! I used to have to plug in my hdmi straight to my laptop which looks soo bad!

But Thank you to @lentionofficial for their C36B 7 in 1 C hub! They sent me their Rose Gold one which I love and matches my setup! 😍
I use the USB ports for my keyboard, phone charger and headset :) and HDMI port for my monitor! Having two screens is a must for gaming and studying! ✨

It also comes with an SD/Micro SD reader and 4K HDMI! Now, It makes it easier to organize my cables and have it all plugged in one port! :)

Go check out and USB C C36B Hub you can save 20% off on their products with the code NYLS20 🌟
The review by @nettyyspaghetti_