The review of LENTION L5 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand (Stand-L5)

Good morning, fam! @lentionofficial has kindly sent me their L5b laptop stand. 🤍 Yey! I've experienced a lot of laptop stands, but none has come close to delivering the kind of flexibility that the L5b has! I've been secretly eyeing this stand. 👀

What I love about the L5b laptop stand:
✅very flexible
✅easy to adjust (the L5b is an upgraded version of the L5 - the L5b comes with a socket wrench to loosen or tighten its thumb screws)
✅adjustable angles and heights
✅sturdy (can withstand weights of up to 5kg)
✅still looks good even when docked (i.e. on Mac's clamshell mode)
✅super aesthetic 💯💯💯 (I love how it gives a very airy look to my workspace)

I can't stop thinking about the many ways I can use this laptop stand.

Should you wish to purchase this stand, you can use this discount code (SPLS20) to receive 20% off! Thank you, Lention, for sending this product!

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