A great laptop stand for people who use the computer for a long time | LENTION

I recently received a new laptop stand from @lentionofficial and I have been using it for a few weeks now. honestly, i didn’t realize how bad I needed something like this. it has definitely improved my posture while working from home. Since I'm actually at my desk for about 9 hours a day (sometimes more), at times I would wake up with back & neck pain. after using this laptop stand it has decreased my pain and discomfort while working!

Not to mention it’s very affordable but SO sturdy and amazing quality.
I have tried laptop stands in the past and they end up breaking… but this one works perfectly for my personal laptop (MacBook air 13 inch) and work laptop (dell latitude 5520)


I highly recommend this product, and the Lention is actually having a Black Friday sale from 11/20/21 - 11/29/21. There website is www.lention.com , you may also use my discount code MCLS20


Review by @mlk.chai

Review link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWnuI9quMHi/