Review of The LENTION L5 Laptop Stand Desk Riser with Multiple Angle (Stand-L5)

i’d like to thank @lentionofficial for kindly giving me this amazing laptop stand! i have been using this laptop stand for a few days and it really saves me from back pain and neck strain 😚 now i can sit at my desk for long hours without getting any trouble for my back and my neck. this laptop stand really helps to boost my work-from-home efficiency.
here are some features i love about it:
♫ it has space to put my keyboard which is a space-saver to my desk.
♫ its design is minimalist and clean!
♫ i can adjust it in many different angles that will help me a lot to improve my sitting posture
💫 you can get one too on with 20% off using my code: LYLS20
The more review video here
Nice review by @lynndaonay on Instagram.