LENTION L5b Adjustable Height Laptop Stand |Perfect Item for Neck Pain

i’d like to share with you lention’s L5b laptop stand that i have been wanting to get for a long time.🥺
thankfully, @lentionofficial kindly gifted me their laptop stand! It’s perfect for my desk space!😍 I love how sturdy and ergonomic it is. It can be adjusted however you want, so it’s perfect item for people who have neck pain.

here are more features i love about this stand:

♡ it can be adjusted to any height you want.
♡ so flexible at any angle
♡ the angle of the stand can be adjusted using a socket wrench
♡ it is made of a thick premium alloy. So when you’re typing, no matter how you shake it, it stays stable
♡ anti slip rubber pads design between the laptop and the stand to avoid stratches
♡ sleek design perfect for any desk set up

thank you so much again @lentionofficial for sending me this beauty!💗

🏷 if you want to have a L5b stand of your own, you can use my code ‘OALS20’ to get 20% off✨


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