LENTION Aluminum Space-Saving Vertical Desktop Stand (Stand-LS1)

Today I thank the people of @lentionofficial again, they let me try this great product😍
Let's start with simple things:
First of all, this stand focuses on desktop space optimization: you can place your Mac / laptop vertically to keep your desktop organized to save space.
Stand-LS1 can also be adjusted in size: a few minutes after assembly, the width of the LENTION LS1 vertical stand can be adjusted from 0.36 inches to 1.2 inches. (Match most types of Mac / Notebook thickness)
In addition, it can also protect and stabilize: the grooves are covered with high-quality rubber pads, which can effectively prevent your equipment from any unnecessary scratches. Aluminum alloy triangular base design to ensure the stability of the equipment


Mac style: The use of high-quality aluminum alloy, the bracket heat dissipation effect is better. Slim brushed design highlights the minimal Mac style
Finally, Stand-LS1 has a wide range of compatibility: this vertical stand is sandblasted and silver anodized, compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and all 11 to 17 inch laptops (for example: Chromebook, laptop, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo , Acer, Sony, Asus,)

I must say I am impressed! Whether it is from the build quality of the bracket you just received, or from the beauty of the product itself, there is no doubt. From experience, Lenion products work very well and I highly recommend them!

And you? Do you use a stand for your laptop or do you prefer to have two screens?


Review by @arcir.96 on Instagram

Review link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP7zKaMjWRF/