Compact Carrying Accessories Pouch, Sleeve Case (PCB-M330)丨LENTION

Today I'm talking about a product that came to me a few weeks ago from @lentionofficial. It is a small storage bag, which can be used both for tech products and for any other object. I wanted to wait before talking about it because I wanted to test it on my own, see if it would be ruined and above all understand who it is for.

Well, after some time spent using it, here are my thoughts: build quality is the main business card of Lention. Both to the look and to the touch you immediately realize that you are in front of a sturdy and elegant object, well built.

Let's move on to use: it is suitable for anyone. All the battery chargers that can be used easily fit, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and there is also space to put other tech items, such as the mouse.

In short, a really successful product! And you? Do you use any organizers for your chargers?


Photo provided by @arcir.96

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