Why You Should Own A Laptop Stand

Why You Should Own A Laptop Stand


These days almost everyone you meet owns and actively uses a laptop for daily work and tasks. They are an essential part of the workspace and most people prefer them to PCs, due to the mobility they offer. However, they tend to cause several health-related issues such as eye strains, back problems, neck pain, and even poor posture. This can be a rather frustrating thing to deal with, and in the long term, it can be a detriment to your overall health if not addressed early enough.


Thankfully, there is a simple yet effective solution that can solve your problem without much cost to you whatsoever, and that is the laptop angle stand. However, not many people may be familiar with what these accessories are. Not to mention, the overall benefits that they bring users. So, we decided to put together a quick list of benefits that justify why they should be next on your shopping cart today.

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  1. Improved Ergonomics


Simply put, an ergonomic accessory is something that provides better overall comfort to its user. When it comes to laptops, this means a device that reduces the risk of health injuries. In other words, a laptop stand is such a device that will allow you to raise the level of your laptop and reduce the risk of repeated injuries. This includes reducing neck strain and back pain, by raising the screen to a comfortable level. This is also why many college students place textbooks under their laptops to help elevate their laptops in class or libraries. It is also useful if you are utilizing an external monitor, as it will help level your laptop, which in turn improves the multitasking process.


Moreover, if you need tend to use external screens often then we also suggest acquiring an usb c multiport hub, as well. More specially, Lention’s CB-CS65 model is our recommended top pick, due to the extensive functionality that it offers. It is a rather slim, compact but powerful accessory that has two USB 3.0 ports and one USB C port that can transfer data at a speed of up to 40Gbps. It also allows up to 100W of Power Pass-Through for fast charging and most importantly, has an HDMI port that facilitates 4K video streaming, even with projectors. Plus, it comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port for those who prefer a more stable wired internet connection over a wireless one.


  1. Comfort

As mentioned before, laptop stands offer better ergonomic positioning, making it much easier for your neck and back. However, these devices improve your typing experience too, as they allow you to adjust your body posture and keep your back straight while your elbows stay in a comfortable position. This means you will be able to type longer, faster, and be more productive, which is crucial for those who tend to spend hours on their laptops at a time.


  1. Better Airflow


Another advantage that these stands offer is that they help improve the airflow under your Mac. This helps maintain its longevity, as most devices are susceptible to damage from excess heat. It is for this reason that computers come designed with fans to help cool the parts down. And one of the worst causes of excess heat build-up is when there is not sufficient airflow going through the laptop. This happens when you either use the laptop on an unstable surface like a sofa or couch. However, with a laptop stand you can help ease the burden on your fans. And keep the machine’s components cool at all times.


  1. Improves BodyMetabolism


Many chiropractors and medical experts state that standing while using the computer offers several health benefits. For instance, it helps you burn a huge number of calories that would usually result in unwanted weight gain. It can also help reduce blood sugar levels, reduce back pain and improve your energy levels for the better!


In other words, you should consider standing while you work, even if it is just for a few hours per day. However, most people don’t have an elevated desk to work in this manner, and this is where the laptop stand desk comes in. These desks are designed with a sit-to-stand mode, that allows you to adjust the height level easily. In this case, we would suggest Lention’s (VM-SD10) model. It offers a spacious desk made of supreme desktop wood and a sturdy steel frame that can carry up to 33 pounds. This allows you to fit up to two external monitors, and it also comes with a premium gas spring vertical lift for a comfortable and stable set-up. Plus, it has a special phone/tablet slot for a more organized workstation, whether it is for home or office use.


  1. Adaptability & Portability


One of the main reasons most people purchase MacBooks is the convenience of remote use. Whether you are moving around from class to class on campus. Or remotely working out of a coffee shop. These devices allow you to work from anywhere and at any time. However, some prefer something stable, fixed, and familiar, to work efficiently, and luckily, laptop stands are also portable. So you can easily carry them with you and create for yourself a comfortable workstation no matter where you are!

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