Which One To Buy: iPad vs MacBook?

It has been quite a few years since the MacBooks came into being and back then, they were the primary sources of workflow that most Apple users depended on to complete tasks, projects, assignments, etc. Whether it was drafting presentations, manuscripts or sending emails, playing games, streaming or designing art, MacBooks were the preferred choice for many.


Moreover, during the iPad's first release, many did not take it very seriously and considered it to be an extra accessory that was only useful for reading ebooks or storing pictures. However, that has changed in the last couple of years, as now, Apple’s iPad comes in almost 5 different variations, with some of the higher-priced models even beating Apple’s own Macs when it comes to processing power. In fact, with the introduction of the now popular docking stations that improve upon the working experience of iPads, both devices have never been more popular among shoppers.


For those unfamiliar with what a docking station is, it essentially allows users to connect their iPads to whatever extra accessories they may need eg. external keyboard, monitor, storage devices etc. Once you connect your iPad using a USB-C connection, any user be it a writer, designer, producer etc… can start creating content while also having their devices charging at the same time at rapid speeds. It is the preferred and recommended accessory for users who value mobility in their workplace, especially if they have a limited workspace.


This all then raises the difficult question of whether you should buy a MacBook or opt for an iPad instead? As such, we decided to put together a handy guide for those struggling to make a decision or are unable to buy both.


Which Models Are Available For Purchase?


It’s no secret that Apple launches new models every single year and each new model is always more powerful than the last, more energy-efficient and more reliable in every way. However, that non-stop update schedule can also make it difficult for people to keep track of what the latest models are, what their advantages and disadvantages are as well as, whether the new prices justify the hardware being offered. So, we’ll just briefly describe what products Apple currently has on offer.


Workplace: MacBook Pro 13


The debate between which is the better machine between the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro is a long standing one for many years now as they both offer similar performance levels. However, for those who spend most of their time in the workplace, it is recommend that users stick to the 13-inch MacBook Pro. This is because you will be able to access the MacBooks complete OS system, which makes it easy to create and edit any files you need quite easily. Moreover, users have a much better number of functions available to them eg. coding, designing, reading, writing etc… as compared to the iPad which is still limited in some areas.


However, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the iPad Pro. This is because every year, more and more features are being added to it, as it slowly inches closer and closer to the level of performance that the MacBook pro offers, so while the MacBook currently has the advantage in the workplace, that might not be the case for long.


Student Life: MacBook Air or iPad Pro 11”


Considering the fact that most college students are handed so many assignments in any given term but are also tasked with navigating themselves from class to class, the iPad Pro has slowly turned into a very popular and viable option in the last few years. This is because it offers almost every functionality that a student could need eg. writing school papers, email replying, social messaging and video conference apps, movie library etc.


However, the upgraded 2020 MacBook Air, is currently available for the student buyer at the low price of $900. Since some students, may need a machine that offers more functionalities like coding, this option is also popular amongst people on campus these days. In short, they are both excellent choices, so it really comes down to what your college major is. If you need it for literature classes, then the iPad is the way to go. However, if your field of study requires a bit more functionality, eg; Computing or Music, then the MacBook Air is the more fitting choice.



Gaming: MacBook Pro 16”


If you consider yourself t be an avid gamer, then what you need is  advice that offers a large enough screen but also has a powerful enough processor which ensures that your gaming experience won’t lag. This is important especially considering how most video games these days are very demanding in terms of graphics and processing output. As such, we recommend that the 16 inch MacBook Pro, is the perfect choice for you and despite it’s whooping $2,400 price tag, it’s definitely going to be worth the cost.


Creativity: MacBook Pro 16” or iPad Pro 13


The 16 inch MacBook Pro or 13 inch iPad Pro is the recommended choice for all those involved in the creative industry eg. music production, design, video editing etc. However, considering how both these devices are optimized to max out on performance, it can be rather difficult telling which one is the better pick. For instance, the 13” iPad Pro is perfect for professional-grade video and photo editing. This mixed in with Apple’s new Magic Keyboard and your typing and navigation experience will be seamless. Meanwhile, the advantage the iPad has, is that it functions with the new Apple Pencil, making it perfect for graphic illustrators and painters who need more freedom when creating.


In short, it really depends on what you need the device for. If you are into painting and art design, the iPad will probably be the better choice. However, if you re into an industry like music production, then the MacBook is the better option. Additionally, users in this line of work should also consider purchasing a USB-C adapter, as this accessory can prove to be very useful in your line of work. This is because these adapters offer up a wide range of multi-functionality that allows users to use and charge multiple devices at once, akin your workspace more efficient and convenient. This includes helping users transfer data in fast speeds, charge multiple external devices eg. iPhone, as well as connect to external monitors using the extra HDMI ports available, among many other useful features.

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