Which Hardware Is Better For Business: Mac or Windows?

It does not matter whether you have decided to start a new business or are simply updating your office hardware. Either way, there is no doubt that choosing the right computer for your business is essential, especially if you are looking to make a bulk purchase for the office. This then leaves the question of whether you should buy an Apple Mac or a Windows PC?

While these two may be very different forms of hardware and software, they each have their own commendable advantages. However, this is often dependant on the specific task that you need the computer for. As you can end up discovering that one is more useful than the other. As a result, we decided to quickly discuss all the advantages and disadvantages that come with choosing either an Apple Mac or Windows PC. This in turn, should better help you make a more well-informed purchasing decision.

However, if you plan to purchase a laptop for the office, then comfort is essential. As such, you should strongly consider purchasing a laptop stand, if you don’t already own one. This is because while Mac and PCs offer portable freedom and ease of use, the constant need to hunchback while using them every day can cause some health problems. Some of which include; eyestrain, back and neck pain. This can then inevitably end up resulting in having poor posture. However, owning this accessory will help you better position yourself, especially when working for long periods on your Mac or PC. And when it comes to quality, we recommend Lention’s stands, as they offer adjustable angles and height for any workstation or setup. Moreover, they are extremely well-designed, compact and strong enough to carry heavy weights, due to their aluminium composition.

Putting that aside, let’s now quickly dive into the topic at hand!


The benefit of Macs is that the macOS interface allows its users to seamlessly connect their devices. And also transfer data between them quite easily. While most may consider features like AirDrop to simply be useful on a personal level, Apple also has introduced its Business Manager portal. This allows users to connect to other devices and undertake complex business tasks such as device enrolment, file distribution, etc… all from a central hub. However, Windows also allows any connected devices to transmit any files from one Windows device to another. As long as it is within the same network. This also includes devices such as laptops, Xbox consoles, phones, etc.


One of the biggest benefits that Macs have over PCs is the wide availability of applications that the macOS software offers. This is most applicable to those users who are working in the creative industry, as macOS supports them with useful applications and programs such as; Sketch, iMovie, Garage Band or Final Cut Pro. However, other popular applications can both be used by both software systems such as Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, etc.

However, some programs and apps are widely used by most people that are only freely accessible on PCs, unless you are willing to purchase them on Mac. For instance, Microsoft Office. This can often be an inconveniencing factor for most Mac users and those involved in business. This is because it is widely utilized when carrying out numerous office tasks. Some of which include; creating presentations, editing documents, among many other things.


When it comes to protection from cyberattacks, malware and viruses, Macs have the advantage. This is because they are designed to be less vulnerable as compared to Windows PCs. The security is so good that it has even raised questions, as to whether or not Apple Macs, even need Antivirus programs in the first place. So, in this respect if you need a computer that will be least likely to give you issues with compromised security, then an Apple Mac is your best bet.

However, keep in mind that you should always have some type of cybersecurity program installed on your Mac or PC. This especially applies to those offices and workplaces that involve sharing lots of sensitive data across a shared network. On a side note, if your business uses a local area network, then you should invest in some usb-c ethernet hubs. We recommend checking out Lention’s hubs, as they offer extensive advantages. Some of which include; USB-C high-speed data transfer and dual video and audio output. Additionally, they offer gigabit ethernet connectivity, SD Card Reader functionality, universal compatibility, among many other features.


When it comes to reliability, it’s crucial to understand that Macs undoubtedly last much longer than PCs. This is because unlike Windows PCs that are usually used by a variety of different brands, Apple ensures that all its products stick to the same constant and quality standards. As such, Apple hardware is almost faultless and can often last years without any major problems. However, this is not always guaranteed because several external factors can end up affecting your Mac’s lifespan as well. For instance, water damage, accidental impact, malware or virus infections etc.

This is why you should purchase a MacBook case or MacBook leather sleeve to prevent such unfortunate incidents from harming your device. These accessories will ensure that your device is protected at all times, so that you can get the most from your investment. With the right case or sleeve, you can now protect your Mac in both wet and dry environments, which ensures that you have a waterproof laptop. It is also for this reason that we recommend Lention’s products, as they offer quality cases and covers that come with sturdy fabric, offer up a comfortable fit, and a tight seal to keep moisture away.

Battery Life

Macs are considered to have better batteries, which benefits those users who may not always be working from home or the office, but on the move. This is also why many campus students would rather invest in a MacBook Air than a Windows laptop, for example. However, that’s not to say that Windows doesn’t have good models to choose from as well. It often varies from brand to brand and depends on the type of work and programs being run. So, make sure to take some time to compare MacBooks to different brands of PCs.

However, keep in mind that you should always have a reliable charger on hand to effectively charge your devices. This is why we suggest investing in a Wall Charger from Lention, as they are universally compatible with most Macs and mobile devices. Additionally, they are also designed to be highly reliable, multi-functional, fast charging, and come with advanced safety features to protect your devices from any power surges or blowouts. Moreover, they are also lightweight and easy to carry when on the move, giving you the ultimate form of convenience.


When comparing these two options, there are many factors to consider and these are only some of them. Other factors like price, are also worth considering before making that final purchasing decision. However, what we have listed in this article, should give you a better idea of what to look out for. Moreover, it should guide you on which option is best suited for your business and employees.

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