What types of laptop stands are there?

Choosing a good adjustable height laptop stand is a matter of comfort, but also of health. Deciding precisely on the angle and height of your screen helps to minimize the risk of musculoskeletal disorders due to a bad posture maintained for too long.

Opting for laptop support for PC or Mac also extends the life of your laptop. Raised, the latter can ventilate better and thus avoid overheating. This is particularly the case in summer, but also when you want to use it in your bed and place it on the blanket. That is completely preventing it from "breathing". The support allows you to take your computer with you.

What is an adjustable height laptop stand?

The adjustable height laptop stand is an accessory with two main functions: to give your computer a more ergonomic position and to promote its ventilation. There is a wide range of products today that are suitable for all equipment. There are, for example, refrigerated racks, others fixed or height adjustable. Therefore, it is necessary that you have a minimum of technical knowledge. This test brings you one step closer to that.

What types of computer stands are there?

The folding stand:

For users who are looking for versatility, folding racks are the most suitable, as they allow easy storage and transport. In addition to their classic use on your desk, you can also use them in your bed or on your sofa.

The cooling bases:

Another type of laptop stand is cooling basis. These products are normally stationary and have multiple cooling fans. In general, these are accessories designed for gamers, given the increase in temperature caused by prolonged use of the computer.

Before you choose an item, you find in a store, you need to be sure what you need. There are so many models of laptop stands out there, it makes sense that you don't know which product to choose. So, and to help you with your purchase, here is a list of the best products available on the market today, based on user reviews and tests.

What are the advantages of an adjustable height laptop stand?

- Limits the heating of laptops

- Allows a gentle posture for the body

- Helps reduce neck pain, back pain, and eye pain

The criteria for purchasing a computer stand:

Laptop size:

In our test, we have selected for you the criteria that we consider essential in order to guarantee you the best value for money. This will save you time without the risk of being disappointed with your purchase. Before purchasing an adjustable height laptop stand, make sure it is compatible with the size of your device. If you buy one that is too small, it may not support the weight of the equipment well and the equipment may fall. However, keep in mind that the larger the computer, the more likely it is that the media will undergo some balancing.

Today, the majority of laptop stands available on the market are designed to easily support equipment up to 15 inches. This is the standard screen size. However, if your device is between 16 and 18 inches, you need to make sure that the base of the stand you are going to purchase is compatible. One-piece metal brackets are the most recommended products for screens of these sizes.

Type of use:

The type of use you make of your laptop will greatly define the type of support you need. If you use your laptop for both regular and personal use, models of stands that can be placed on the knees are a good option. In this case, you do not use your device for a long time. The cooling system is therefore not necessary.

However, if you are using your equipment as a work tool, it is best to opt for a height-adjustable stand with an iPad pro dock. Thus, you can work very comfortably. Indeed, long hours of work can considerably heat up the device in operation. 

Cooling support:

Currently, laptops are equipped with very efficient and quiet cooling units. However, when the ambient temperature is high or the equipment is used intensively, the heat it emits can be excessive and even damage its components. Cooling racks are the ideal solution to this problem.

If you are using your computer for gaming, we recommend that you choose one of these cooling mounts. Likewise, if you usually work with video management software or graphic design programs, cooling media, we recommend that you go with these kinds of models.

External keyboard and mouse:

Even if you are used to working with your laptop keyboard, if you place it on a stand, you will need to purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard. It is also advisable to buy an ethernet adapter. Many stands, especially model with adjustable feet, elevate the device 5 to 15 cm above the table surface, making it difficult to use the keyboard.

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