What is a docking station and what is it for?

The Docking station for iPad Pro makes it very easy to connect computer screens, a keyboard, an ergonomic mouse, and other peripherals such as external hard drives. With a laptop docking station, you can turn your laptop into a desktop computer in an instant.

More and more professionals are using laptops, so they can work at home or on the go. While they're great for mobility, these typically don't have as many USB ports as a desktop computer.

Therefore, it is not possible to connect a new peripheral to your laptop without having to disconnect another one. The computer Macbook pro standing dock is therefore an easy solution to this problem: once you arrive at the office, you connect your laptop to the USB docking station to instantly and simultaneously benefit from a multitude of USB-C ports supplied with electricity.

How do you choose a Macbook pro standing dock that meets your business needs? Here are the criteria to check before making your purchase on the lention online store:

The manufacturer: 

Even if it is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended to opt for a station of the same brand as your computer. On its online store, lention offers a wide assortment, from Acer to Toshiba, including Dell and Lenovo. For example, if you have an HP computer, it is advisable to also opt for an HP station.

The necessary ports: 

Choose a Docking station for iPad pro according to the devices you want to connect to your computer. If your business is video-based, for example, HDMI and DisplayPort will be essential. If you're handling photos or other digital files, an SD card slot can also come in handy. Finally, if you want to manage several screens from the same computer, check that your station is compatible.

The network interface: 

If Wi-Fi makes it possible to enjoy a wireless internet connection, it is however less stable and slower than an internet connection via Ethernet cable. However, some laptops no longer have these types of ports. If you want to be able to enjoy an Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or even Gigabit Ethernet connection, you can filter your search according to this criterion on our online store.

USB-C port: 

The USB-C port, or USB type C, is an all-in-one connection that allows you to pass current, but also video, and sound. If that kind of flexibility is necessary for your activity, you can select this criterion on our online store in order to see all the laptop docking stations compatible with this type of port. However, make sure you have the correct adapters on your devices.

Hard Drive Docking Station - Alternative Solution for Using External Storage Media:

If confidential data is lost or if there is no longer enough space on the internal hard drive of the PC, this is not only annoying but in the worst case, it is also associated with an essential threat to your own business.

For this reason, sufficient storage space and clean backups are the most important for many computer users. To increase the storage capacity, it is not necessary to buy a new case that includes a hard drive or even a new PC or laptop. Rather, an alternative solution is a hard drive docking station.

In this docking station buying tips, we will give you five best-selling Hard Drive Docking Units informative and clear up all the important questions on the subject.

Hard drive docking station at a glance:

- A professional HDD Docking Station is considered a practical and mobile alternative to permanently installed storage media.

- The connection between the PC and the hard disk docking station is simple, mainly via a USB cable.

- After installing the docking station on the PC with the help of the supplied software, the various external hard drives can be easily inserted and used immediately.

Is your hard drive already integrated into the PC or laptop reaching its limits? Now faced with the decision to limit your desk space with an additional case or buy a new computer right away? In this situation, don't forget that there is a third solution to your problem: the Docking station for iPad pro.

The technology device can be easily connected to the PC and, depending on the model, offers space for several hard drives. This eliminates the need to buy a new computer with a larger hard drive capacity. In addition, the station is conveniently easy to transport from A to B, so it can be used equally at home and work, for example.

Do you demand even more productivity from your PC? Then update it with the following accessories including a USB 3.0 hub long cable.

Do not miss to visit our site lention.com and explore through a wide range of docking stations and other accessories.

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