What To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

If you plan on purchasing a new laptop for home or work use, then there are a number of considerations that you have to keep in mind before making that final decision. After all, if you plan on paying a huge chunk of money, you bets be sure that the product is worth the money!


So, we decided to quickly list a few important factors that you should always think about to help you better make a well-informed purchasing decision. And without further ado, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?!

1. Do You Want A Mac or Windows Laptop


Most users are familiar with the Windows operating system but may not be so familiar with Mac, especially if this is the first time that they are considering making the transition.


These days, more and more users are opting to go for the Mac OS because of the seamless user interface and better security that they offer compared to the normal PC. Plus, they are more protected against viruses and need less maintenance. However, the problem is that it tends to be expensive to purchase as a result. Meanwhile, when it comes to Windows PCs, they may not be as powerful or efficient but they offer much more flexibility in return and come with huge accessibility and software options.


For instance, unlike Macs that tend to come with a limited amount of connectivity ports, Windows laptops allow you to plug in more external devices at once. This means that you will likely have to purchase external accessories like a usb c multiport, if you decide to go for the Apple laptop. But, if we were to make a final recommendation and if price is not a problem, then we suggest choosing the Mac, as it offers more value for your money.




#2. Pick The Right Size Laptop


When picking out a laptop, there is no question that portability is important. And depending on whether or not you tend to move a lot, you will have to pick something that is both lightweight and convenient to carry around. And luckily, most model tend to come in a variety of sizes and each one will suit you depending on your personal needs. For instance, Mac offers a variety of options to choose from in this regard. The 16” MacBook Pro, is a good choice, if you need something portable but with a large size screen.


Alternatively, if you need something more compact and lighter, then the 13” MacBook Air would be more suited to your needs, especially if you are a student. Alternatively, you can always pick the Mac Mini, which is an extremely small computer core that you can carry around almost anywhere. However, keep in mind that this one will require you to purchase a usb hub hdmi, an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse to operate.


#3. Screen Resolution


Considering how many hours we tend to spend staring at our screens all day, it’s important to pick a device that presents a high quality resolution that is comfortable and ideal. And when it comes to resolution, remember that the size of the screen is not your main concern, because resolution is defined in pixels not size. For instance, MacBook’s often come with retina display resolutions which a high definition and provide a crisp and clean picture to look at.


Alternatively, if you are thinking about getting purchasing a new laptop with touch-screen functionality, then be aware that they are glossy and can often produce reflections. This can be rather inconvenient to work on in the long-term, so we suggest avoiding these models, if you can. Alternatively, there are a number of things you can also do to improve your viewing experience. For instance, you can always purchase a laptop desk riser, which will help elevate and position your device in an angle that is not only convenient for your eyes, but also reduces any extra strain on your neck or back.


#4. Keyboard Quality


If your work entails you spending lots of time typing and working on the keyboard, you will have to prioritise something that offers a reliable and comfortable keyboard interface. Luckily, most Macs offer excellent keyboard functionality, especially considering the fact that these new Macs come with the new Apple Magic Keyboard that provides extra user comfort and reliability.


#5. Processor (CPU)


The CPU is basically the brain of your laptop and is what determines the performance and speed of any computer. However, contrary to what most may believe, it is not always necessary that you purchase the most expensive model to get the best performance. This is because there are a number of processors available in the current market, the most popular and most recommended being Intel core based processors.


In this regard, there are three types to look out for: Core i3, Core i5, Core i7. The i3 is mostly used in everyday notebook laptops and are best for those who do not intend on carrying out any high intensive work on their laptops. Meanwhile i5 is the option found in most mainstream laptops and is suitable for almost any type of work up to a reasonable extent. And finally, the i7 is designed for extreme high performance machines that require operating high intensive programs eg. video editing, music production, etc.


#6. RAM & Storage Space


Random Access Memory (RAM) is a temporary storage system that allows users to work on more than one program concurrently and access their data quickly. For instance, if you work in graphic design and use Photoshop, you will need a laptop with a high amount fo RAM to keep working without experiencing lagging issues. In this respect, you can purchase RAM in a variety of sizes, but it is always recommended that you go for a laptop with at least 8GB worth of RAM for better performance.


Something else to think about is how much storage space is being offered. After all, sufficient storage space is essential in ensuring that you have enough room to hold and store all your files and data. In most cases, some users end up purchasing the Mac with the lowest amount of storage but end up regretting it later, because Apple does not allow users to expand their storage or RAM after purchase.


However, if you aren’t able to pay extra for more storage you can always juts invest in an external storage device instead. For instance, if you purchase a usb c card reader, you can be storing and accessing your files in an easy to carry SD Card.


#7. Battery Life


It is also important to check and make sure that the amount of battery life offered is sufficient for the laptop model you want to purchase. Ideally, you should look for a model that provides at least 12 hours minimum. Luckily, most MacBooks nowadays come with that amount of battery life, as a bare minimum.

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