Reasons Why You Should Buy A USB Hub

A USB hub is basically a  device that is used to help users expand the amount of connectivity ports they have on  their Macs. This means that you can now connect multiple devices to your Mac at once and all you need is one device to facilitate that. This includes connecting, external keyboards, mouse, speakers, monitors, external hard drives, etc.And with companies like Apple now limiting the number of ports available in an attempt to slim their devices and make them more lightweight, owning a usb c to dual hdmi for example, has never been more important. So, let’s dive into the reason why you need to consider purchasing a USB Hub today, if you haven’t already.

usb c hub  

#1. Increase the Number of Ports on Mac


As mentioned above, owning a USB Hub mostly comes down to wanting to expand the number of USB ports on your Mac. Some devices will usually come with about two ports maximum, which can often be quite frustrating. This is especially true, if you tend to work on creative projects like music production, that require the use of a few different external devices.


However, for some this number is sufficient, as they my not require that many ports to begin with. But as any user can tell you, you never know just when you will need them until it’s too late. Moreover, this port expansion quality doesn’t just apply to Macs and other laptops either. For instance, if you are an avid iPad user, you could feeling frustrated because it only comes with one connection slot. Luckily, you can now purchase an ipad pro dock to help expand your iPad functionality to accommodate a multitude of devices!


#2. Charge Many Devices Using One Port


Another benefit of using a USB Hub is that it allows you to charge multiple devices at once, using only one charging port. Some USB hubs can be self-powered, which mean you can charge your mobile devices without even needing to connect it directly to your Mac. This makes it a very useful tool, especially for those who work in the office and tend to deal utilize many devices or if you are at home and need to charge multiple devices for other people in the home.


In fact, if you know very well that you dal with multiple devices on your workspace, then we suggest that you purchase a laptop riser for desk. These desks will allow you to accommodate multiple devices on your workspace without inconveniencing you too much as they provide sufficient room. Moreover, they are highly-recommended, if you are someone that tends to spends long hours woking at your desk. With their adjustable features, you can even work while standing, making it less painful for your neck and back.

 usb c hub

#3. Transfer Large Amounts Of Data


The third and possibly most important reason you should get yourself a USB hub is because these devices will do well to provide fast data transfer speeds when moving files from one USB device to another. It doesn’t matter if you re looking to transfer songs or movies from your Mac to an SD Card, for example; you can utilize a micro sd card usb adapter to great effect and save yourself time while avoiding the risk of data corruption in the process.


Things To Consider Before Purchasing A USB Hub


If we have convinced you to buy a USB Hub, then you will also need to know how to pick out the best one that suits your personal preferences. After all, there are so many types of USB Hubs out there and they offer different types of features and serve unique functions. So, we decided to give you some quick tips on what to consider before you make that final purchasing decision.


#1. Type of USB-Hub: There are two types of USB-Hubs, self-powered and bus-powered. It is important to make a distinction between the two, because they operate quite differently. The first does not need a laptop or computer to turn on but needs to be connected to a power source directly. Meanwhile, a bus-powered hub needs to be connected to a computer, but does not need an external power source. If you are someone who tends to move around a lot, then we suggest going for bus-powered, for portability sake.


#2. Get one with enough ports: You need to think about what you plan to use it for and how many extra ports you need. For instance, if you are into music production, then you may need a large number of ports. in which case a 5 in 1 hub will not suffice. You will likely need something with at least 7 ports.


#3. Look for quality and durability: Make sure that you don’t end up purchasing a USB Hub that is easily breakable or tends to overheat a lot. And to do this, you need to pinpoint a good brand that manufacturers quality products. It is for this reason that we recommend checking out Lention’s products.

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