What is the Apple AirTag? Apple's new smart tag

During the Apple Event in April 2021, this giant brand unveiled its new product, the Apple AirTag. 

The AirTag is a small round device that will allow you to locate any personal object to which it is attached, using the iOS "Find" tracking application. Inside your smartphone, you can activate the speakers to see where the AirTag is or locate it using a map. Things like losing your keys, purse, or wallet are now going to be easier with this little tracking beacon.

Apple also unveiled a number of accessories like the Premium Leather AirTag Case to make it easier to attach to your keys, backpacks, and even wallets. These accessories are mostly key rings, but knowing Apple we are sure that later on, they will expand their catalog with other types of products.

Premium Leather AirTag Case

Compact size with a round, customizable design:

Diameter: 32 millimeters

Width: 8 millimeters

Weight: 11 grams

The AirTag surprises for being small, very small, which is good if we are going to place it on our keyrings or devices but what we like is its design and how it is built. It has a stainless-steel finish that gives it that premium touch so characteristic of the iPhone and it is seen that it is of great quality.

AirTag Features

- Tracking via APP

- U1 chip

- Integrated speaker

- Commands with Siri

- IP67 protection

- Removable CR2032 battery

It may be small but that does not prevent the AirTag from meeting the quality requirements that are characteristic of Apple. The Airbag aims to facilitate the location of your belongings through the use of your smartphone and each of its specifications aims to improve its durability, accessibility, and ease of use.

U1 chip and Bluetooth connection:

The U1 chip may sound familiar to you and it is because the AirTag has the same chip that the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and Apple Watch Series 6 bring. Its name comes from the “ultra-wideband” technology, or UWB, which enables short-distance wireless communication. It is this chip that allows us to measure the distance between devices since it is a much more precise technology than Bluetooth.

The AirTag is also compatible with Bluetooth, so users who do not have devices with the U1 chip or with an iOS version lower than 14.5 will be able to use the locator without any problem.

Quick sync with Apple computers:

As you can imagine, the AirTag is fully compatible with all iPhones and iPads in the same way as Airpods. Bring the AirTag closer to your device and it will ask you if you want to synchronize them, easy and simple.

To see the tracker's properties, you will have to open the “Find” APP and the computers that you have registered in your iCloud account will appear. The AirTag will appear as an item where you will have the option to rename it to be able to differentiate it from other AirTags that you have synchronized, and not to confuse your bag with the keys for example.

After setting it up you are ready. Put it on your keychain, bags, or on your own cell phone and you can relax if you can't find it in the future.

Airtag silicone case

How do I use the Find app to locate the AirTag?

You'll find out when something gets lost that the AirTag is a blessing. Are you in a hurry to get out of your house and can't find your keys or wallet? No problem, activate the AirTag's built-in speakers with Bluetooth and it will start playing so you can find it without problems. You can even ask Siri to activate the speakers using voice commands.

If you have more modern iPhone models such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 models, you can use the U1 chip to use Precise Tracking, this will guide you with an arrow on the screen to the place where your item is located more exact precision than Bluetooth tracking.

Finding your things inside the house is quite simple with the AirTag but things get really interesting when we want to locate something located at a long distance.

The AirTag does not come with GPS, so 24/7 exact tracking will not have but since your cell phone has a record of the last location where the AirTag was detected, you can open the find app to see its location. In simple terms, if your item was lost with AirTag away from your cell phone, in the app, you will be able to see where the last place it was located was. If even with this you cannot find it, you will have to put it in Lost Mode.

Apple AirTag Accessories:

There are different types of accessories are available in the market to enhance the look and safety of your AirTag such as Premium Leather AirTag Case, soft silicon keychain, shell mount, and much more.

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