Bluetooth 5.0 will improve the performance of the headset

At the end of 2017, a change in the market trend regarding the connectivity of our audio devices with the avalanche of headphones with Bluetooth connection was foreseen. Well, after 2018 where that trend increased month by month, the definitive leap to the world without cables seems to be close to becoming a reality. 

After a doubtful 2019 where the big brands seemed to be lazy with Bluetooth 5.0 and its implementation was limited to low-quality headphones that did not take advantage of this technology, the new standard begins to generalize readily to destroy all its previous versions.

Bluetooth 5.0 renders any technology prior to Bluetooth 4.2 totally obsolete. And although some BT4.2 headphones already sound really good. In the medium term, they will be replaced by the new standard due to their many advantages. All great news for those who want to buy Bluetooth headphones, and an opportunity for many “traditional” brands to finally make the leap to the wireless market with all the guarantees of quality and convenience that previous technologies did not have.


Features of other Bluetooth versions:

But it has not been easy to achieve this level of Bluetooth technology. We are going to take a brief tour to review its history and locate ourselves at the moment in which the technological progress of the Bluetooth universe is found.

Bluetooth 1.0:

In this version, being the most primitive technology of all, there were numerous connectivity problems between devices. Later they have solved thanks to the improvement of Bluetooth 1.1 and later 1.2. Both provided a higher-speed connection between devices that guaranteed acceptable data transmission.

Bluetooth 2.0:

In 2004, after a season of long testing and work, this improved version of Bluetooth was released. With it came new features. Mainly it offered a higher transmission speed, which would be joined shortly after by lower power consumption with the arrival of version 2.1

Bluetooth 3.0:

Five years later progress continues in the speed of data transmission up to 24 Mbit / s. In addition, an 802.11 link is added to control the broadcast of information.

Among other things, a very innovative component is added: the Unicast of offline data. This is very useful for controlling the latency between user activity and the transmission of information between different devices.

Bluetooth 4.0:

The preamble to Bluetooth 5.0 came in 2010. Energy saving is improved to the point that tiny devices are also capable of implementing this technology, until now exclusive to larger devices. Finally, all efforts are invested to increase the speed of information transmission up to 32 Mbits/s.


What is Bluetooth 5.0?

Mark Powell, director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BSIG), assured in January 2018 that in the coming months, efforts to improve this technology and solve its obvious deficiencies would be greatly intensified.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the result of so much effort. Among its most notable advantages is the huge difference in speed compared to its version 4.0, since it is capable of transmitting data twice as fast, and the much greater range of action, which is multiplied by four.

Bluetooth 5.0 for headphones - Main advantages:

On the other hand, it will also influence the consumption of the battery of the devices. This will go from durability of 10 hours to a day or even two of playback without the need for charging. It is, therefore, very remarkable this reduction in energy consumption by our music devices such as ANC Wireless Earbuds.

We must not forget its improvements in terms of scope either. Its range will be multiplied by 4 compared to the Bluetooth 4.0 version, which will give us greater independence when moving with our smartphone or mp3. An example of this is the Sennheiser RS ​​120 II headphones, which have a range of approximately 100 meters.

Finally, it is noteworthy that from now on, and as we have already seen in a multitude of wireless devices/headphones, the streaming capacity will be increased so that it works with several devices at the same time. 

Prior to this change, we had already appreciated this possibility in devices that had a WiFi connection. However, the option of connecting via Bluetooth still seems like a much better option. 


The ANC Wireless Earbuds is also a similar product, as its powerful battery can play up to 32 hours which is incredible. Also, it presents unbeatable connectivity and a range of up to 10 meters away from the device, which gives great independence.

However, there are several different types of Wireless Earbuds to choose from but the ANC Wireless Earbuds is really stand out. 

One of the impactful benefits of this new Bluetooth 5.0 technology is its Higher Bandwidth, where BT 4.2 can transmit data at only 1 MBS, BT 5.0 do that to 2 MBPS which is astonishing.

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