What Is RAM On Mac?

RAM is the unwritable memory that your Mac utilizes for processing power. It takes on the role of being a temporary source of memory that only your Mac can seemingly access. This means that you are unable to personally save documents to it, as its only purpose is to allow your CPU or GPU to function normally. The RAM is essentially there, so that your Mac can effectively run applications or games. Moreover, the data on stored there can easily be overwritten. As it is only temporarily held until a task has been completed. You can simply consider it as your Mac’s private workstation. It is where your Mac reads, writes, and overwrites data, as you work. Once you complete the task in question, your RAM is then automatically cleared.


This proves how important RAM is and it is also for this reason that Mac users are often told to be cautious not to damage their hardware. This is because any hard impact could end up affecting your Mac’s RAM performance, as a result. Users are encouraged to keep their Mac’s well-protected at all times to avoid any potential hardware problems. This is why investing in a MacBook case is useful. As you can protect your Mac from hard external damage and also any accidental water damage as well. If you don’t already own one, we suggest one of Lention’s MacBook cases as they come with added waterproof protection and are also made up of a variety of sturdy fabrics. As such, they provide a comfortable fit, and adequate protection for your Mac at all times.


You can also easily check the size of your RAM on your Mac, by clicking on the About This Mac page. On the Overview section, you can also see the details of your hardware and most importantly, the size of RAM that you have. This is why most potential buyers are encouraged to purchase a Mac that comes with a high amount of RAM. This is especially applicable to those users who plan on using their Macs for intensive tasks and projects. For example, if you are involved in music production or video editing, such programs and tasks will end up requiring huge amounts of RAM to function effectively. This is especially true if you are constantly exporting audio and video files to multiple devices using a usb-c hub. Or even across multiple computers over a local area network using a usb ethernet adapter, for example.


Such high intensive tasks requires significant RAM to function effectively. Moreover, some of the simplest programs and applications can also end up consuming a lot more memory than you would expect, eg. Google Chrome. However, it is almost impossible to get more RAM on your Mac. This is because Apple decided it wasn’t going to allow users to configure their RAM after purchase. This is why you should always take very special care when picking out a Mac model. Here is a quick and easy breakdown of the different sizes of RAM that you can purchase today.


2GB: Any computer with this amount of RAM is not worth buying. This is because in all likelihood, it will probably be slow.


4GB: This is about the basic and passable level of RAM that can be offered. It can be use for basic functions like email usage, internet browsing, etc. However, that is as far as it can go. It isn’t really recommended at all, to be frank. If you are carrying out basic streaming, this is the bare minimum amount that you should get.


8GB: This is the best starting point that you could ask for when looking at RAM sizes. It is suitable for most users, especially beginners who are looking for something with a bit more performance. This is to handle tasks like basic editing, gaming, intensive web browsing etc. It can also be used for daily office work and productivity.


16GB: This is an excellent size if you can afford to get it. Most MacBook Pros come with this as the minimal amount of RAM and offers up much more performance as compared to the 8 GB version. It is very well suited for almost any task, e.g. gaming and other intensive programs.


32GB or more: This is the industry standard for professional users who carry out very high intensive tasks, like programming, coding, video editing, music production, etc. It is also the preferred choice for those users who need a lot of computational power eg. those who take gaming very seriously. For instance, you can purchase an iMac Pro that comes with 32GB RAM, but later configure it up to 256GB RAM.


On a side note, if you are a professional who is constantly handling busy tasks like gaming or video/music production, then you probably deal with handling a lot of external devices. This includes; external monitors, speakers, external storage drives etc. As such, we recommend purchasing one of Lention’s cable organizers, as they all come made of a tough EVA material, that can easily absorb hard impacts. They also come with mesh pockets and elastic straps that securely store your cables and accessories safe from any unnecessary damage.

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