What is iPad docking station?

Today, more and more users report to the IT Service the inconvenience caused by working with several computers at the same time (a fixed desktop computer and one or more laptops).

Also, they need to make backup copies on several computers. The difficulty in synchronizing user information on each of the computers, not being able to comfortably have the email profile on all of them. The need to replicate application software on all the computers where they work, etc. In this scenario, the iPad docking station is the ideal product. But, what is it? Let’s find some more information about it in the following post. Also, we will learn the criteria for buying a USB Hub.


What is iPad docking station?

iPad docking station is your hub and there are multiple uses. If you want to have some other features that your laptop does not provide, then you should buy a USB ethernet adapterThis type of device is helpful especially when you use your laptop or PC for work. Also, it is very easy to install and use.

All those users who, in addition to their desktop computer, have a laptop, can get rid of the fixed CPU, connect their monitor, keyboard, mouse, and network connector to the docking station. In this way, they can dock the laptop on the base and enjoy their desktop environment, or undock it in an instant when they need to leave the office and have all their information and applications wherever they go.

ipad docking station

Characteristics that usually include:

- Full port replication, including USB 2.0 / 3.0 ports

- Direct Ethernet and Modem Out

- PS / 2 ports for keyboard and mouse

- Serial and parallel connectors

- S-Video, VGA, DVI and/or Display Port and audio I / O ports

- Includes smart AC adapter

The criteria for buying a USB Hub:

To acquire an iPad docking station, you also need to make sure that you are making the right choice. And to have this certainty and choose the best product, here are the criteria to take into account.

The number of entries:

USB Hubs are platforms designed to accommodate various USB devices. A Hub contains at least two USB inputs. But some have up to 16. You will then make your choice based on the number of devices you have, but keep one important point in mind. In a Hub, electrical energy is divided by the number of devices plugged into it. Thus, the more devices there are, the weaker the performance of these devices will be. At least, the transfer speed will be reduced.

The length of the device cord:

The USB Hub is not a crash test device. Make sure you choose a Hub that matches your business. The length of the cord is therefore an important element to take into account.

A Hub that has a long cord can seem awkward for a user who only has a few peripherals such as USB sticks or a mouse to the plugin. Likewise, a Hub with a small cord can be a source of conflict in an office that operates multiple remote devices. But this remains a significant comparative advantage.

The electrical voltage supported:

Most USB hubs are made to accommodate high current devices according to our test. However, be aware that the current limits vary from device to device. Some will accommodate devices from 5 volts to 500 mAh. While others can go up to 900 mAh. Having this information keeps you from burning your devices. You will understand, the best hub is the one with a high limit.

Alternatives to a USB Hub:

USB power strips are devices that have significant utility in everyday life, especially for laptop computer users. But, if you don't like this device, you can change your mind. There are USB adapters that are real comparative competitors that allow you to connect devices of different types (even non-USB) to the work computer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to install this device?
  2. To install a USB ethernet adapter, simply plug it into the work computer. Usually, no software is required on a PC.
  3. Is there a danger of overloading?
  4. The USB Hub is a useful device, but testing shows that most models are notorious for their vulnerability to electrical feedback. You can use them without fear, as long as you do not plug in devices whose sum of currents does not exceed the specified limit.
  5. What is the ideal number of entries?
  6. The number of inputs for a USB Hub depends on your activity. However, the 4-hole model allows you to keep a satisfactory transfer speed.


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