How to choose the best USB hub?

USB was created to facilitate the connection between various devices, both for data transfer and power charging. Standardization allowed for breakthroughs in connectors, so they are now faster and have higher amperage (energy-carrying capacity).

The USB 2.0 allows a transfer of 480 Mb / s and the possibility of connecting more than one device to the same port. USB 3.0 offers 5Gb / s and is currently the most popular. USB 3.1 offers 10Gb / s, but it is still little used. And USB 4.0 has already been announced, with a speed 8 times higher than version 3.0.

There are also variations on USB connectors. The most current is USB type C, which has the capacity of USB 3.1, but the connector format is much smaller than the traditional model. USB type A is still more widely used, but USB type C is slowly appearing in releases, stay tuned.

 iPad PRO docking station

How to choose the best USB hub?

If you need to connect multiple devices to a laptop or video game, you must choose a compatible iPad PRO docking station with the appropriate standard. Also, check the presence of the power supply, the number of ports, the ease of use, what are the functions, and the additional connections of the USB hub.

Evaluate device compatibility based on USB connector type:

You must choose the best USB C docking station that has the connector shape that best suits your devices. You will find hubs with Type A or Type C connectors, so be aware of the outputs of the USB hub and the inputs of the devices to be connected.

Type A is still more widely used in devices. However, the Type C standard is slowly gaining ground, especially in Apple devices. They have advantages such as a higher transfer speed, faster charging of smartphones, and the possibility of charging laptops.

Check the cable length:

The iPad PRO docking station with a longer cable is practical if you need to mount a fixed system, in which the devices are far from the main entrance. For example, in a video game room, it makes sense to place the USB hub on the table, while it is connected to the PS4 on the shelf. It is much more practical.

However, extensive wiring could also get in the way. Especially for those who need to carry the USB hub from one place to another. Consider using cables up to 12 inches to make the hub more portable and versatile on a day-to-day basis. Be wary of wireless models, as they can block other inputs.

Also, note that some hubs have a cable attached and others use a separate cable, which is already included. The advantage of the cable is that it can be used for other purposes (such as charging phones), as long as the device has an input that is compatible with the type of connector.

The newer version of USB connects to older devices, yet offers lower speed and amperage, keeping up with the version of connected devices. So, to make sure you don't mess up, choose a hub with USB 3.0 ports, as most devices use this standard today.

Version 3.1 is gradually being used on USB inputs, so if you want to stay ahead of the advancement of this technology, consider a hub with this version. Sometimes you can tell the standard by the color of the USB port (white or black 2.0 and blue 3.0 or 3.1), but trust the manufacturer's specifications.

What interfaces are available?

In the best USB C docking stationmost of the latest models generally have one or more USB 3.0 ports. The difference from previous USB 2.0 connections is the read speed: data transfer via USB 3.0 is significantly more powerful than via USB 2.0 cable. Some devices are even compatible with USB 3.0 UASP, which is even faster than USB 3.0.


Consider a 4-port USB hub to avoid lost connections:

The most popular USB hub models are the 4-port type A, which are the most common in most devices. It is a great amount to connect the main devices of a laptop or video game without missing any ports.

However, if you think about connecting multiple devices to your hub, you should know that there are models with up to 10 USB ports. With them, you guarantee a wide variety of ports to connect at the same time: printers, mice, keyboards, mobile phones, among others!

In addition, to connect devices with long cables, it is advisable to choose models that have well-spaced ports, to better organize the cables and your work area. Also, check if the orientation of the ports (horizontal/vertical) is suitable for your style of use and the place of installation.

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