USB Hubs - Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests

Does your laptop not have enough ports to read all of your peripherals? As a solution to this deadlock, the best USB C dock allows you to expand the number of outlets on your PC and simultaneously connect different peripherals such as a USB stick or card reader. With the proliferation of models lining the market, it is, all the same, difficult to find one item that stands out.

In order not to go wrong with your purchase, just take note of some of the essential things to know. If you are looking for a high-quality USB hub long cord at the best prices, do not miss to visit our site where you can explore through a wide range of docks and other accessories.

We have up to 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub that tops our rankings because of its 5 Gbps transfer speed and 7 onboard ports. You can also be attracted by Lention Dock USB-C Double Dock, a versatile model with a transfer rate of 10 Gb/s.

The development of ultraportable computers and the miniaturization of peripherals pose interoperability challenges. When you buy new computer hardware you run the risk of compatibility issues with the old ones. The USB port which was designed as the ultimate standard allows you to connect your various peripherals to your computer. But as often with IT, standards change and better performance, in this case, comes with a change of form. Many consumers find themselves confused by the different standards and types of USB ports.

Whether you have hardware compatibility issues or simply need additional ports, the USB C hub is a must-have computer accessory. These neatly designed models have all the ports you need and arguably the best transfer rates on the market.

The essentials to know:

In 2014, a new more compact connector appeared: the USB-C or USB Type-C port. This designation indicates the physical format of the USB socket. USB-C 3 has several advantages over the 18-year-old USB Type-A port.

It is faster, more compact, and reversible (the grip no longer has an up / down direction for version 3.1). In March 2015, the manufacturer Apple was the first to equip its MacBooks with it and it is now this connection that takes precedence on all computers, printers, hard drives, and screens.

The USB Hub provides multiple ports or types of ports in a compact package. It allows you to connect several peripherals to your computer by mobilizing a single port and ensures compatibility with your old and new devices.

How do you navigate it?

The creation of the USB standard was to simplify computing. Over time, new standards have appeared and ports have multiplied, such as USB-A, USB-B, Mini-USB, or even Micro-USB.

In the article USB: How to navigate among the different standards? we take a look at the multiplication of ports and their differences so as not to make mistakes when shopping.

What to look for in a USB-C hub?

The number of ports - This criterion is at the very heart of the product's existence. You may need a USB-C hub to connect your many USB devices to it, blocking only one USB port on your computer. You can operate multiple devices simultaneously, without having to unplug them every time. It's up to you to choose the number of connectors according to your profile and your needs.

What types of ports? - If the choice of a USB-C hub is made first according to the number of ports, you can also orient your choice according to the type of port available. Check if you need to connect your hardware to a USB-C 3.0 or 3.1 port?

Then, maybe you need an Ethernet (RJ45) port to connect your computer to the Internet faster than WiFi? an SD or MicroSD port to transfer your photos to your computer? Or an HDMI port to connect a video device (drawing tablet, second monitor, TV)?

Note that USB C hub prices vary a lot depending on the type of port offered, so choose the ones you really need.

Transfer Speed ​​- Most hubs advertise theoretical speeds of 640MB/s. In reality, the data transfer speed is closer to 400MB/s.

Ergonomics and design - In addition to its aesthetic appearance and the materials used, it seems important to us to take into account the dimensions of this accessory. Models with many ports and different types of connectors tend to be bulkier and heavier. The weight parameter should be taken into account seriously if you are using a laptop computer. Some USC-C hubs need to be connected to the mains in order to deliver the necessary power.

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