About MacBook USB C hub

Do you want to upgrade your office or home workstation with some latest laptop models, then you will surely need a USB 3.0 hub with long cable to make up for those missing ports.

The best USB C dock is complete, compact, and robust with the most recent technologies from lention.com to power delivery. It integrates the best of everything on the market and has enough power to supply everything and transfer it optimally.

About MacBook USB C hub:

At lention.com, you will explore through high-tech up to 16-in-1 USB hub with long cable that brings high-definition speed and high-tech performance to Mac and Windows laptops. 

With all the power and versatility plus ports to connect various peripherals to a laptop with a USB-C port, this dock is a streamlined way to create a high-performance, expanded desktop.

It does not require a drive and is compatible with most notebooks with a Type-C port.

Ultra HD 4K Triple Displays: 

The triple display is Windows only supports dual 4K 60Hz monitors for a versatile desktop setup via a dedicated DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 port. Supports resolutions up to 4K @ 30Hz via a single HDMI or DP and 1080P if two HDMIs / DP displays are connected. Maximum efficiency with dual 4k HDMI DP Ethernet 3 0.197in Audio Mic 3 Hi-Speed ​​USB 3 0 2 USB 2 0 USB-C 3 0 for Type-C device expansion and charging card reader 65W DC power input for the docking station.

Powered USB-C port for hosting with equipped USB-C to USB-C cable: 

All the connections you need in a sleek compact stand that meets all your needs, saving you from clutter at the desk and improving efficiency. Super-fast data transmission 3 USB 3.0 ports support transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps 3 USB 2.0 designed for 2.4 G wireless mouse and keyboard without signal interference.

The SD / TF slot allows you to access files in seconds with a read speed of up to 208MB/s. The Ethernet port provides faster and more stable wired Internet access (up to 1Gbps) compared to most wireless connections.

Provides up to 65W to charge your laptop and power all your USB peripherals. Due to the laptop's configuration, any compatibility issues please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plug & Play: 

Just plug it in, in addition to all its ports it also replaces your power supply so it can be connected instead of your original socket via the USB type C cable which comes out of the Lention hub station and therefore powers your notebook as well. All in all, this USB hub with long cable is complete and functional even if very compact the many cables quickly take up a lot of space so it is better to deport or place it on the side rather than having it in front of your notebook.

FAQs : (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can we use the television via the HDMI port?

Yes, it is typically the kind of device that connects easily via the best USB C adapters awarded in comparison. This is valid for recent televisions but also those which are already a few years old.

Can I charge my MacBook pro via my adapter?

It is possible but not necessarily with all current models. It is advisable to refer to the best reviews before purchasing to ensure this compatibility.

Is performance degraded when all ports are connected to various devices?

A drop in performance is possible on entry-level models, but for the most part, occupying all the ports has no effect on the transfer speed or on the overall operation of the device.

Can I give this accessory to my child who is in college?

Absolutely! The best USB C adapters are both easy to use and particularly sturdy. They can therefore be used by adolescents without any danger.

Is the outer shell fragile?

No, manufacturers don't use fragile plastic to form the shells of the best price-winning USB c adapters. The shells are most often made of strong metal.

When I plug my MacBook into my TV through my adapter, I only get the sound and not the picture, why?

This failure is not due to your adapter. This is a problem with your MacBook's system preferences setting.

Can I connect my USB C adapter to my MacBook Pro?

It is sometimes not possible to charge a MacBook Pro via a USB C adapter but the data transfer is no problem.

Can I adapt a micro USB socket?

Before purchase, remember to check this feature on the best USB C adapters because not all of them support this format, but it is still possible.

Can I take it everywhere with me without risk?

Yes, the best USB C adapters are made for just that. Particularly resistant, you can take them in your bag, at work, or on a trip without worrying.

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