Top 6 Best Apple Pencil Apps

If you happen to be a graphic artist or designer, then you will know that the Apple pencil is a fantastic tool that can help you get a lot of things done by hand, especially when using your iPad. In this regard, there are two main uses for an Apple Pencil with an iPad. The first is in creating digital art, as it allows you to conveniently animate, draw, sketch and paint out whatever you want and turn it into something new altogether.

The second thing that these pencils are good for is to help you take notes easily and conveniently. This is especially useful for those who prefer to write things down by hand instead of typing them out. Moreover, this accessory when paired with an ipad pro docking station makes for the perfect iPad setup be it in any home, office or remote working space.

In this regard, there are also a number of Apple Pencil applications that are useful in helping you boost your creativity and productivity as well. Moreover, these apps will allow you to get the best out of your iPad. However, there are numerous Apple Pencil applications that are available to download on the App store, which cam make it difficult to choose the best ones. So, we decided to quickly list out our favorite Apple Pencil apps that should suit your needs perfectly.


#1. Procreate

This is one of the most popular Apple pencil applications on the App store and for good reason. It is widely used by artists and features a wide variety of tools that are perfect to help you get started on your paintings, sketches and inking projects. It even allows for airbrushing, calligraphy, spray painting and more since it comes with over 150 different brushes that let you try out as many different art styles as you want. Plus, if you connect your iPad to a wider external screen using a multiple usb c hub, then you’ll have an even better view of your workstation!

#2. Notepad+

If you want an app to aid you in your note taking tasks, then Notepad+ is the perfect choice to help you accomplish that. And despite its rather simplistic design, it is actually one of the best note apps in the market because it allows users to feel as though they are simply writing on a piece of paper. In fact, users are even able to adjust the palm rest at the bottom of their iPad’s screen for better comfort while writing.

#3. Brushes

Another fantastic choice to consider, especially if you are an artist or graphic designer is the Brushes pencil app. As the name suggests, it is an application that was designed to specifically cater to those artists that are very specific with the kind of brushes they prefer to use to make art.

Yo can also customise the brushes and adjust them to however you prefer. Moreover, the app also allows you to control and set the layers you want for long-term use. You can even adjust color balance and even use the app on your iPhone too!

#4. GoodNotes 5

One of the biggest challenges that comes with manual note taking is the fact that even after you take down important details and notes, you are usually unable to go back and quickly search for the notes that you took previously. However, with the GoodNotes 5, this solves that problem for you. It essentially uses OCR technology that allows you to conveniently search for any handwritten notes that you make using it. It also allows you to sort everything you write into a folder for better organisation. Plus, it is iCloud compatible, so you can sync all your notes across al your Apple devices too! However, so make sure that your iPad is connected to the internet to do. You can even facilitate a wired internet connection directly to your router using a usb c hub ethernet and ipad docking station as well.

usb c hub ethernet

#5. Artstudio Pro

If you need an application that facilitates both drawing and editing functionalities, then look no further than the Artstudio Pro app. It is actually quite similar to Adobe Photoshop, but comes at a much more affordable price point. It is also the perfect choice for beginner users and natural painters as well.

#6. Notability

If you enjoy manual note taking but also need extra features, then your best bet is to check out the Notability app. It allows you to not just use it for note-taking but also incorporate audio recording features too. This makes it an excellent choice, especially for students and professional that require a bit more versatility. You should also remember that if you are a student or often work remotely, then always ensure that you keep your devices protected and the best way to do that is to get a leather macbook sleeve, which you can use to safely store both your MacBook and iPad.

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