Top 5 Must-Have Accessories for MacBook

There is no surprise that you love your MacBook and you want to perform every task using it. While the OS of Apple is more robust and intuitive, it is important to note that its MacBook series fall behind others when it comes to extra features. It would be wrong to say that these features do not exist. Actually, they just do not come in a standard like they usually do in other competing models.

Still, it doesn’t mean you cannot consider accessories to utilise these features. Fortunately, there are a number of reliable brands that deliver the features you really need. The only issue is that it can get a lot difficult to choose the right ones for your MacBook. After all, there are numerous brands and products. Thus, it can become complex to research every single product and compare it to others.


To resolve this issue, we have compiled a list of 5 best accessories for your MacBook. They are:

  1. LENTION 5K USB C & USB A Docking Station with HDMI

One of the must-have accessories for your MacBook is the LENTION USB-C dock. Actually, this 5K docking station provides you with 6 USB 3.0, dual 4K displays out, and Gigabit Ethernet that supports HDMI. In addition to it, there are DisplayPort displays that support extend mode and mirror for macOS and winOS. There are separated audio output and microphone input as well.

You can use a single display to get a resolution of 5120x2880 at 60Hz resolution. Meanwhile, when you make the use of dual displays, you can get a maximum resolution of 4096x2160 at 60Hz resolution for each display. It is better for productivity and when you need to do gaming, you can just use a single display and that would be it.

In fact, if you have another laptop, you can use this dock with that laptop as well because it supports most laptops with USB-A or USB-C ports.

  1. LACIE 2TB Mobile External Hard Drive

Often, MacBook models are used for creating media like music and videos. However, those files can be quite large and they can consume a significant amount of storage. Meanwhile, if we consider the space of a MacBook, it is not that large and eventually, you will need to clear up some space for your files.

For this issue of space, you need a reliable solution and it comes in the form of LACIE 2TB external hard drive. This accessory adds large storage to your MacBook while being a portable package. It means that you can not only use the space but you can also carry it around anywhere you want.

One of the incredible aspects of LACIE 2TB hard drive is that it is built from reliable materials. Its construction is what really enables it to withstand any type of damage that it might sustain as you travel to different places. It means you can rely on it and it will be your companion.

  1. Twelve South Curved Stand for MacBook

You might be experiencing some problems with your MacBook if you have lots of work to do and you need to be in a comfortable position to do it. Well, if you feel pain in your neck or shoulders, you can always use the Twelve South Curved Stand.

It is important to note that the laptop stands help in alleviating neck and shoulder strain that occurs by looking down at the screen constantly. They create a nice flow when you normally line your laptop up with other systems for creating a level workstation. Specifically, this stand is designed for Mac and it leaves enough airflow for keeping the laptop cool. It does not only keep the laptop cool but it also holds the laptop firmly.

If you really want to eliminate the strain that you normally feel, you should consider this stand.

  1. LENTION Long Cable USB-C Docking Station with 100W Power Delivery

 The LENTION docking station offers 4K HDMI, Power Delivery, SD Card Reader, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB 3.0 displays. Actually, HDMI supports resolution up to the resolution of 3840x2160 at 30 HZ.  In addition to it, the Type-C charging port can pass through approximately 60W power and it can also provide extra power to the peripherals for better stability.

One of the best aspects of this USB-C HDMI is that it is a plug and play for your laptops. There are times when you need to travel a lot, from your office to your home, or your home to another office. In such times, you need a portable docking station and it is offered in the form of a LENTION docking station. It means you can carry it around without any worry.

  1. NOMAD Kevlar USB-C Cable

Actually, the Nomad Kevlar USB-C charging cable is developed in such a way that it can last for years. There is no doubt that cables are quite important for us and it is quite common for them to break and experience an issue. However, this is not the case with the Kevlar USB-C cable. It can last for years. This cable is protected with the shielding of Kevlar and it is one of the most durable cables around that you can find over the web and in the market.

In addition to it, it is five feet long and it affords extra flexibility when you charge your device or transfer data from a device to another. This could be the only USB-C cable that you will ever need to purchase.

Overall, these are the top five accessories that you can purchase for your MacBook. All of these products are built to last for years and they will provide you with the quality and the reliability that you need. It is understandable that we require products which are not only efficient but also reliable. You can depend on these products without worrying about it because they can help you get the outcomes that you desire.

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