The Best Recovery Programs For Mac

Whenever important files and documents end up lost from your device, it can tend to be a very frustrating experience. For instance, if you were to connect your external storage device and your Mac either stated that the device is unrecognisable, unreadable or corrupted. This can end up leaving you with more questions than answers, on how the problem happened, as well as, how to fix the issue and recover your lost data. This is why Mac users should utilize a usb c to sd or 10ft usb c to usb c cable. These accessories will help you prevent some of the possible causes of file corruption, such as accidental ejection, slow transfer speeds, etc.


However, if you are experiencing this problem and would like to recover your data, then you will normally have two options. The first is to take your computer to a certified technician to help recover your disk drive. This normally results in spending money for disk repair, which is something most people try to avoid. The second option, is for you to get familiar with some Mac data recovery programs that will help you get the job done from home, at no extra cost. Naturally, the second option is the most preferable one.


In most cases, the best recovery software will take the time to effectively scan your Mac’s memory and successfully recover any corrupted or lost files within the depth of your hard disk. However, to successfully pick out the best software program for your Mac, As such, it is for this reason that we put together a list of a few macOS compatible programs that you can download today to help you fix your disk drive issues.


MiniTool Data Recovery


MiniTool is a Mac exclusive recovery tool that is perfect for restoring erased or corrupted files and documents. It provides users with some basic file recovery functionalities. These will allow you to recover lost or erased partitions and recover media files hidden in external drives. Moreover, you can also restore lost information that was deleted by accident. It’s a decent recovery tool in general and is free to download for one Mac. However, the only problem with it, is the free version only comes with a data retrieval capacity of 1 MB, which in all fairness, is not useful at all. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, it’s only compatible with Macs and can’t be used with any other computer systems like Windows.






This recovery tool is highly effective and very recommended, due to it’s user-friendly interface and two-type scan functionality. This allows it to handle even the most complex of file restorations quite easily. Plus, the software offers users a file filter and document preview, which simplifies the data search process when restoring the files you need. This may sound like something very simple, but it is a feature that many restoring programs often tend to lack. Moreover, it allows you to pause a scan if you have already pinpointed the file that you needed. This helps you save time and space, instead of having to wait for the whole recovery process to be completed. Additionally, in terms of storage it offers up 100MB of free data retrieval and works with a wide range of file formats, if you pay for the premium version.





Most file recovery tools will often come with a subscription paid plan, but some will offer a trial version to give you a chance to test out its effectiveness. EaseUS is one of those same programs that offers such a trial period. It also provides unto 2GB worth of data retrieval for free, which is sizeable as compared to most other recovery tools. However, when it comes to drawbacks, despite having a scan tool that is one of the fastest in the market, it doesn’t have a file search feature. Not to mention, it’s professional version is somewhat expensive. But then again, it is considered to be the best SD Card recovery tool, so if you think that it’s worth it, then you can always purchase the premium option.


However, as we mentioned earlier, it’s always best to keep your SD Cards safe to avoid any unnecessary damage or breakage that could ave been avoided. It s for this reason that we suggest purchasing a Lention Enclosure SD Card Adapter. These accessories are designed to cover and protect your SSD drive from any external damage. They also offer, fast data transmission speeds, universal compatibility and the material is composed of aluminium for effective heat dissipation. They are also very slim and easy to carry around, ensuring convenience and safety, when on the move.



Stellar Data Recovery


For those looking for a recovery program that offers unique customization features and a useful file search tool, need not look any further than this one. It offers up several adjustable search preferences and can also recover lost emails! The only downside to this premium recovery tool is its subscription plan, as while it allows for free file scans, you will still need to pay for the recovery feature. However, the good news is that it is one of the best recovery options in the market, as you can even recover data from old corrupted or damaged storage media like DVDs, or Blu-ray discs. This means your movie or video data is in safe hands, no matter how mishandled the optical media may be.


Additionally, if you want to improve upon your video experience, we would suggest purchasing a hdmi port hub from Lention. These accessories offer 4k resolution streaming to any external monitor and a powerful audio and video synchronization output. This, in turn, guarantees perfect picture quality and audio. This is also especially applicable to those involved in industries such as; video editing or music production.

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