Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds

With the rapid advancement in technology, numerous gadgets and accessories of different sorts have been introduced. In the range of audio technology, from headphones to earphones to earbuds, the journey has taken several rapid shifts. Today, there are multiple styles, beautiful designs, and an array of colors to get your hands on. Audio gadgets are some of the most used accessories at present with the development in earphone technology having been quick, yet successful. Earbuds are the recent update that is circulating and people are loving it because of its wireless feature and convenience to carry.


Lention T2 ANC Waterproof True Wireless Earbuds

A number of brands are introducing earbuds with something new and unique integrated into it. Therefore, up till now, there have been dozens of pairs that are already in the market, creating immense competition.  But somehow, the failure of providing the promised quality still persists. Either the earbuds will have a sleek design but without water-resistant quality or they will be waterproof but miss out on the comfort fit. There are but a few products in this range that are true allrounders. One such product is the Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds.

Lention is well known for providing quality products at affordable prices, dealing in a variety of products including hubs and docs, chargers and cables, laptop stands, laptop bags, MacBook accessories, and many more. Lention is amongst those few brands that offer value for money, providing their customers with the finest product line exactly as advertised.


Lention Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds is an outstanding pair with a number of amazing features. They are designed in a state-of-the-art fashion keeping all the essential measures in consideration. From design to color to weight, everything has been mathematically crafted to fulfill the expectations of the users. One of the best features is the compatibility of the earbuds; they are compatible with many devices under the tag of iOS and Android. These earbuds come at a surprisingly affordable price with guaranteed quality and an all-in-one feature package that you look for in a pair of wireless earbuds. You can find the key features conferred further in the article.


Key Features

Key features are all those important characteristics of a product that give the consumer insight into the product they are about to buy. Key features are what makes the product unique and strong, they are the indirect reasons why you should prefer the specific product. So it is important to draft key features cautiously.

Lention Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds are a new arrival of the product list of Lention. The lineup of features that it incorporates is exceptional. Enlisted are the key feature that Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds possess.



As the Lention Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds are a new arrival in their range of products, they are not yet stocked and will be available from the 28th of February 2021. From 28th February and onwards they will be available for $59.00. Prior to the date a presell is ongoing where you can book your set of Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds for just $49.00.



Available in black color, the Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds are a sleek looking pair. The case and earbuds are compact that makes them easy to be carried around. The earbuds are light in weight, making it convenient to wear them for longer durations without any possible irritation as they are only 4.2 grams each. The size, weight, and design help the earbuds to stay in place for a secure and comfortable fit. The case is specially designed in a way that can be opened up easily with the hands yet the enclosure is strong enough that it won’t open in your bag. It has 100,000 times opening lifespan.



The T2 hybrid ANC consist of PEEK + PU Japanese imported superfine biology fiber. It has a 10mm low distortion and high-frequency driver unit integrated internally. The Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds have a unique SiP encapsulation that provides a soft alto and surging base giving a feel and sense of hearing live, thus provide premium quality sound.


Noise reduction and Noise Cancellation

Combined with the hybrid ANC noise reduction and environmental noise cancellation capabilities, the Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds are one of the best noise cancellation earbuds. They have both the feedforward and feedback microphones installed internally with an ENC arithmetic, it supports the superior noise reduction that is efficient enough to suppress 90% of the reverse environmental noise. Along with that, it also has the ability to reduce the environmental noise up to more than 35dB.  



The Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds supports the latest version of Bluetooth connectivity, i.e. 5.0. Lention has considered the demand of the market and successfully kept up with the recent technological update.



One of the greatest constraints of the earbuds usually is battery life. There are only a few earbuds that offer a good battery life but cons such as price or others make them a bad choice. This is where the Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds outshines the rest. Besides numerous other features, the battery life of Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds is ultra-long too. Moreover, they have a wireless charging feature that makes them more convenient to be used. All you need to do is plug in the box to get a 3-hour extra use with 10 minutes charging for a single earbud. Once fully charged with a wireless charger they can work for a 20-hours duration for 2-day use.





The Lention T2 ANC True Wireless Earbuds are one of the best, most sturdy, and premium pair of earbuds with a compact size and lightweight which makes them handy and a comfortable fit. It consists of all the latest features that help it to keep up with the competitors. It is waterproof rated at IPX4 and provides tree mode where you can use either of the singe bud or the two of them together. Moreover, it has touch response system integrated into it with no buttons. The touch sensitivity is outstanding with a brilliant design, making them one of the finest earbuds available in the market.

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