Know about Video Capture Card and Its Benefits

Video games, cameras, DVD players, in short, different devices can stream content with flawless quality based on the use of the capture card and computer. Here we are going to talk about the Video Capture Card which is one of the important technological products.

V20 USB Video Capture Card

What is a Video Capture Card and what is it for?

A Video Capture Card is a type of device that has the characteristic of making it possible to transfer images or sounds from DVDs, VCRs, professional video cameras, video games, smartphones, among other devices, directly to the computer, to store, reproduce or transmit them.

Captured files are stored in digital forms, such as MP4 format. Some users use a capture card to capture video from the computer without using other programs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a capture card?

With a video capture card, the act of capturing images from television and games becomes more practical, achievable by anyone with basic computer skills. You will only need a Thunderbolt 2 to HDMI adapter.

In addition to capturing content, the capture card also helps you stream online with high-quality graphics and fewer crashes.

Some models have internal software, which eliminates the need to install additional programs to capture or stream content.


- Different prices and standards.

- Convenient to use

- Compatible to the standard USB-C Hub HDMI

- High-quality live streaming

- Internal software

- Conversion to digital file

- Ideal for editing, sharing, or storing content.


- Requires a powerful computer

- Some models are not very dedicated.

- You need a lot of storage space on your PC

V20 USB Video Capture Card

Taking screenshots or recording videos with a dedicated capture card results in 4K Full HD image streams. There are several models, so it is necessary to understand some concepts before buying.

First, the most important - There are internal and external capture cards. So, pay attention to the number of tickets on the device before confirming the purchase. The most capable capture cards are ideal for streaming games at higher resolutions.

What are its uses?

To capture 4k from computers:

Perfect operation on laptops or desktops, with multiple inputs and different resolution options. By simply tapping the button on the capture card, you can start or pause the stream. There are applications in production that allow you to add voice comments and share to win the audience, even facilitating the subsequent editing of files recorded in MP4.

To capture 4K from consoles:

This is one of the most dedicated options on the market, whose use is indicated to capture PS4 and XBOX One games. 4K quality edition, capable of transmitting games full of special effects that require the high technical capacity to avoid crashes in the live broadcasts. 

V20 USB Video Capture Card

Fewer costs and more benefits when capturing:

In the edition, there is a USB and HDMI interface, with a maximum capacity to record at a resolution of up to 1080p60, with a weight of 5 grams and 100 millimeters in length by using Thunderbolt 2 to Displayport. The compact product that you can take to different places easily. There is no latency (lags and crashes), it is the professional version for those who want to save money without losing quality.

Now, let’s see how to buy this product respecting your preferences.

Video Capture Card – How to buy?

Internal or external capture card: which one to choose?

There are two types of capture cards: internal and external. Each choice has its peculiarities. Understand the difference between the two models to increase your level of knowledge about this product:

Internal capture card: This is popular and it offers superior performance, mainly because the internal installation facilitates access to the PCIe interface strip that exists on the motherboard, increasing the speed in capturing high resolutions.

External capture card: Being portable is the main advantage of the easily transportable model to different locations. A light and a small version specifically designed for easy transport.

Connecting via USB can reduce the power of the version due to the delay in sending signals to the motherboard, although there are higher-priced models that offer an acceptable configuration. 


For video capture cards, the term interface refers to the way the product establishes a connection to a computer. Popularly, the USB port stands out for ease of setup and configuration.

USB and PCI are two common capture card interfaces. Another interface option is the PCI-express that records images with excellent sharpness quality, a bit more difficult to configure. When making this choice first, you need to make sure that the motherboard's PCI port is not occupied by another device.


You can save to the product if you want to have a capture card just to save videos and store them on your computer or other devices. You just need to make sure that the product can save in formats accepted by your PC. MP4 and AVI are the most common standards for capture cards.

That’s everything you need to know about Video Capture Card and its benefits.


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