Best Mac Apps For Multitasking

If you are looking to complete your work efficiently on a Mac, chances are the best way is to multitask your projects across numerous apps. However, the only problem with that is that Apple still only offers a limited amount of multitasking features on its operating system. For instance, if you are looking to split your screen, the feature is restricted to only two windows and it would come up short if you are working with a smaller screen.


However, the good news is that you can still expand that functionality in a few different ways. For one, you can always connect a usb c hdmi hub and plug your Mac to one or two external monitors. This will help you expand your workspace and viewing experience more, making it ideal to work on different creative projects at once. Alternatively, there's also a wide range of third-party multitasking apps that you can download on Mac instead.

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#1. Magnet


Magnet is an excellent multitasking app that is available on both macOS and Windows and allows users to simply drag app windows to your screen's edges to place them into a split-screen view. Moreover, unlike the built-in split-screen app that comes with the Mac, this one isn’t limited to just two windows as you can even carry out a triple split-screen view on your Mac. Plus, it allows users to efficiently organize windows to fit well between two or even four panes side-by-side.


Additionally, it can even support up to six external displays, and the app also allows you to to relocate windows through the use of customizable keyboard shortcuts for convenience. On this note, if you do tend to spend a lot of time working on creative projects that require extensive multitasking skills, then we suggest that you make use of an ergonomic aluminum laptop stand while working. It will not only simplify your work space, but it will reduce the risk of suffering from eye strain, back pain or neck injuries after sitting for long periods of time.


The only downside with this app is that it is not a free tool, and will cost you about $8. But, considering the extra functionality being offered, it makes then extra price worth it.


#2. Tuck


This is another handy tool that many Mac users utilise to help them jump in-between several Mac apps as it conveniently allows users to tuck in multiple windows to the sides of their screens. All one needs to do is to simply shift their cursor to the center of any screen edge and the app will shift the active window off the screen.  Moreover, it also gives the option of using keyboard shortcuts as well for convenience, so you can hide as many windows as necessary and easily multitask your way through them. The tool also comes with a handy menu bar widget that helps users view and access all tucked windows.


If you are looking for an app that provides you with all the basic multitasking functionalities you need at no cost, then Tuck is possible the best choice to consider. However, keep in mind that the free version comes with a warning ad that pops up every now and then. The only way to remove it is to upgrade to the pro version which will cost you about $7.


#3. Slidepad


Slidepad is actually close in similarity to Tuck, but with the main difference being that instead of app windows, it places a mini web browser within a gesture's reach. In other words, when you move your cursor to the center of the screen’s right edge, the app pulls out a panel where you will be able to load and add any web app.


Moreover, there is almost no limit to the number of apps you can organize, so if you find yourself working on a presentation for instance, you can simply connect a usb hub long cable to whatever external devices you are using, then just move the cursor towards the right to reveal the Slidepad panel and access your workspace instantly. You can even pin your to-dos or calendar or even take a peek to see what your schedule looks like at the same time.


So, while this tool isn’t exactly a split-screen app for Mac, it does provide its users with a similar experience, by letting you access multiple windows and work on multiple tasks accordingly. You can get the Slidepad app for a cost of about $13.


#4. uBar


The uBar tool essentially replaces the Mac’s desktop menu of icons with a Windows-style Taskbar. In other words, it shows which apps are active and provides a variety of key shortcuts and quick access menus for your files. For instance, much like on Windows, if you hover your cursor over an app, it will allow you to preview its window. Moreover, you can also adjust its theme as well as personalize elements like the background color and opacity. The only downside with this app is that it costs $30, which makes it the most expensive option on this list.

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