How To Protect Your Mac From Damage

There’s a chance that you recently purchased a new MacBook for school, work, or personal use. In which case, congratulations! The good thing about laptops is that they have huge benefits from portability to good battery life. However, the problem with that is that since they are so easy to carry around, this makes them so much more susceptible to damage from water spills, accidental drops, etc.


As such, we decided to quickly breakdown the different tips you can use to help keep your Mac in tip-top shape for a long time to come.


  1. Purchase a laptop sleeve

 laptop sleeve

Since you’ve just purchased a new laptop, one of the first things that you need to do to secure your Mac from damage is to protect it from the risk of scratches or liquid spills. As mentioned before, if you intend to take your MacBook out and about, then there is always the risk that you could scratch it or spill some coffee on it, for example.


For this reason, purchasing a waterproof laptop sleeve is a fantastic way to give your Mac that extra layer of protection that it needs. These accessories are made to be compact and easy to carry. Plus, they will ensure that your laptop stays safe from any risk of dust, damage, or spills. And the best choice in the market right now would be the (PCB-B300 Series) model from Lention. It comes made of water-resistant neoprene material that ensures your Mac will be safe from any unfortunate accidents. Plus, it also has an extra pouch that helps you store any extra accessories or devices, eg. cables, disk drives, chargers, etc.


  1. 2. Maintain your MacBookRegularly


Although most of us keep our desktops clean and organized internally, we sometimes neglect to clean our laptops. This means making sure that you clean off any dust from your screen, keyboard, and even external devices that you tend to connect to your Mac. This is because cleaning out any dust can prevent the risk of your Mac overheating.


In this regard, you can always purchase a macbook air screen protector, which significantly improves the view-ability of your Mac’s displays when used in brightly lit or outdoor environments. This reduces any eyestrain caused by screen glare and reflections. They are also easy-to-install and do a fantastic job of keeping your Mac’s screen free from scratches and dust. As such, if you are looking for the best pick in the market, then we suggest checking out Lention’s Anti Glare Screen Protector.

 Anti Glare Screen Protector

  1. 3. Don’t eat and drink while working on your Mac


Although many of us tend to work on our laptops while on the move, be it in coffee shops, libraries, classes, it is always best to avoid eating any food or drinks near the laptop. This is to avoid the risk of an accident that could end up damaging your Mac unintentionally. Many Mac users end up taking their Macs for repair because they made this mistake. In some cases, their laptops were unrecoverable.


Moreover, you should also avoid crunch food as the prices could start to gather on your keyboard or vents and start to do damage to your Mac’s internal components.


  1. 4. Purchase a quality anti-theft backpack


There is always the chance that you could end up getting your Mac stolen by a thief or pickpocket. This is a prevalent problem, especially if you tend to hang around crowded places often. And while you should never let your Mac out of your sight, one of the best ways of securing your Mac is to own an anti-theft backpack.

 anti-theft backpack

These backpacks are designed differently from ordinary backpacks in that they come with extensive security features to keep your belongings safe. Some of them come with; cut-resistant fabrics, anti-theft locks, zippers, and hidden pockets, locking cables, etc.


  1. 5. Don’t twist your cables


Besides taking care of your Mac, you also have to make sure that you look after the peripherals attached. This includes your chargers, extension cables, earphones, etc. These accessories should not be folded or bent as you can easily damage them. This is why many of these cables tend to become stripped down and exposed, which can end up permanently damaged if you aren’t careful.

 cable organizer

In this regard, you should use a cable organizer to ensure that you don’t end up spoiling your accessories while on the move. Moreover, consider investing in anc wireless earbuds from Lention instead of using wired ones. This will help reduce the amount of clutter that you have to carry around all the time. The benefit of using these earbuds is they come with a simple touch control design for extra comfort and ease-of-use. Plus, in terms of sound range, they offer up to 10m long distance. This way, you don’t have to ever worry about audio glitches or sound lag.

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