How Long Should a MacBook Pro Last?

If there is one thing that all Mac owners can agree on, it’s that owning a Mac comes at an expensive price. However, it is a price that is worth paying as purchasing a Mac makes for a long-term investment. And it is an investment that guarantees that your machine will work for a very long time without any major faults or problems. Now, even though Apple hardware is designed to be highly durable, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still machines. This means that inevitably they will malfunction, whether it’s due to hardware failure, software malfunction or simply deterioration from age.


However, if you do take the right precautions and consistently look after your Mac’s health, it should last for many years of use. For instance, owning a MacBook case from Lention will help you keep your Mac well protected at all times from any accidental hard impacts or to give it some level of water-resistance. After all, you never know when you might accidentally spill your coffee while remotely working. Moreover, you should also consider investing in a protective MacBook Skin. These accessories are highly useful, as you can apply one on your keyboard which should protect your Mac from scratches, dust and even water spills. Moreover, their protectors are made up of a premium thin and light material that offers effective heat dissipation and easy installation.

 macbook case

Signs Your Mac May Be Getting Old


  1. Your Mac Can’t Download The Latest macOS


This is a problem that many Mac owners who have older generation models can relate to. Due to their Macs being outdated, they are no longer able to upgrade their system software. This can then be a very frustrating thing to deal with. In other words, if you are unable to upgrade your Mac to the latest software version i.e. macOS Catalina, then this is a clear sign that it is indeed getting old.


  1. Your Mac’s Performance Has Deteriorated


Another major sign that your Mac is nearing the end of its life is if it starts to perform much slower than it used to. For instance, if your Mac starts to freeze more often than normal or starts to load much slower than it should, then that is a possible sign that your Mac is wearing down. However, in most cases if your Mac starts to show these symptoms, it’s possible that a full system storage is the culprit. Whenever your Mac’s internal memory starts to pile up, the likelihood of apps and programs crashing and loading times increasing is ever more likely. In such situations, you can either start to delete any excess files and caches. Or transfer them to an external storage device to help clear space.


You can often utilize a micro to sd adapter or usb to hdmi hub to accomplish this. These Mac accessories are high popular as they essentially allow you to easily clear space on your Mac, by transferring any excess files or data to an external storage drive like an SD Card, instead. If you don’t already own one, then Lention hubs are a favourable option to consider. These hubs are multi-functional, allowing you to connect to multiple devices at the same time, eg. external monitors, keyboards, mouse, storage drives, etc. Moreover, you can also charge any mobile devices too!


  1. Your Mac’s Appearance Looks Worn Out


If you have owned a Mac for a while, then it will probably start to look a little worn out. Moreover, despite them being durable, after years of usage they may have met some unfortunate accidents. This includes; scratches, dents or even a cracked screen. In some cases, you may even be missing a few keys on your keyboard! Once this becomes very noticeable, then you will be forced to either fix it or simply purchase a new one entirely. This is why many Mac users are encouraged to protect and secure their Macs when working to avoid such accidental damages from occurring. We often suggest using a stand for laptop and docking station as they will provide a secure placement of your Mac on your desk or table, ending that it doesn’t fall or slip off and get damaged. Moreover, the benefit if using Lention’s stands is that they offer adjustable angles and height for any form of work or play. Moreover, they also allow you to expand the number of connectivity ports on your Mac, so you to connect or charge multiple external devices in the process. These include iPhones, iPads, external monitors, keyboards, mouse, speakers, etc.


How Long Should Your Mac Last?


There is no specific answer to this question, unfortunately This is because every Mac is different and how each owner creates it will determine the condition of the Mac. For instance, someone who purchased a Mac 2 years ago, may have a worse-looking Mac, than someone who took very good care of their Mac for the last 5 years. Moreover, if you do not use your Mac to handle high intensive tasks such as video editing or music production, then your Mac should last even longer. After all, just like any other type of machine, the harder you push it to work, the quicker it will wear out. However, if you use your Mac for basic tasks and simple web browsing, you can expect it to last even over 7-8 years.

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