Best Laptop Stand for MacBook Pro 2021!

Nearly every remote office worker these days, uses a laptop computer. But while laptops offer a huge amount of freedom and flexibility to move about, as well as speed and ease of use, the constant need to hunchback while using them every day tend sot result in a number of unwanted issues. In particular, health issues are common from repeated use of computers, from eyestrain and neck pain to posture problems. Luckily, there’s a simple, affordable and quick solution to ease these problems: a laptop angle stand! And there is no manufacturer that makes better stands than Lention. However, with the wide varieties they have on offer, there’s still quite a big decision you will have to make the choosing the right one that suits you and your workstation best. So, we decided to dive into some of the varieties they have on offer and describe in detail what makes them so special. And one of the main models they have on offer is the (Stand-L5) model.

This is the laptop stand that many buyers tend to keep coming back to. The reason being that it is extremely tough, lightweight and most importantly, it comes with a very sleek design that offers a minimalist design to suit any comfortable angles for your desk or work area. This means that even if you have any external deices such as a keyboard & wireless mouse, you workstation can be made comfortable, as the stand is raised up, greatly clearing and simplifying your workstation. However, the biggest highlight of this model is that it can be raised to various heights and positions, so it should work for most people's home or work setups. You can easily go from sitting to standing, quite conveniently. However, you may have to utilise some extra strength to change the stand’s height and angle. But, that is a good thing, because it means that it won't suddenly collapse the middle of working.


Other advantages besides adjustability include; an already fully assembled laptop desk riser, which does not require any adjustments or setup upon delivery. Also, the stand comes with custom X-type rubber pads on the top surface which ensures stability and prevents risk of scratches between the laptop and stand. Additionally, it is highly durable, as it can withstand up to 5kg, due to the premium aluminium alloy material that also offers an extra 50% amount of thickness to ensure extreme sturdiness & stability. And finally, it is universally compatible to suit all PCs and MacBooks within the size ranges of 11’’ - 15’’.


Alternatively, if you are looking for a desk riser for laptop that is much simpler and compact in design, then you can always opt to purchase either the (Stand-L1) or (Stand-L2) models instead. These models are very popular among budget purchasers and are the most user-friendly models on offer. They are especially suitable for those who tend to work remotely, eg. on campus, in coffee shops, etc. This is primarily because it comes with a simple lightweight and ergonomic design that allows you to raise the laptop to eye level at a convenient 8-degree angle, which should mitigate any back or eye strains, while busy working for hours at a time. It also comes with the same anti-skid rubber pads as the L5 model has, which ensures the sturdiness and prevent any risk of scratches between the bottom of the laptop and the stand. It also benefits your Mac’s cooling efforts asa it offers up effective heat dissipation and also comes with a convenient cable outlet on the back thereby keeping your workstation neat and organized.


On the other hand, if you are looking for something that offers the best organisation for your desk or workstation then the (Stand-LS1) is especially designed for such a purpose. It essentially cradles up your laptop in a vertical level using a ‘closed clamshell mode’, which keeps your workstation neat, free of clutter, spacious and fully organised for any other form of work. Moreover, the vertical stand’s width can be easily adjusted to fit most types of Macs and PCs as well! Plus, the triangle base design is guaranteed to offer sturdy placement that ensures your laptop remains stable and in place. So, you can still conveniently charge your Mac, even while it is in vertical rest. 


Other Benefits of Using A Laptop Stand


If you aren’t already convinced if you should add these accessories to your shopping list, then here are a few other reasons why you need to own one of these laptop stands today!


  1. Improve Your Mac’s Airflow. 


There is no question that keeping your MacBook cool is important if you want to help extend its lifespan. After all, heat is one of the biggest factors that result in damaged electronics. If you can’t keep your device cool, it will overheat and damage the internal components the longer it keeps happening. However, these Lention laptop stands will help alleviate your problem by elevating your Mac and increasing ventilation underneath your device. In fact, this is especially crucial when trying to protect your battery from damage from excess heat.


  1. Flexibility and Freedom:One of the main reasons that you should own one of these stands is portability. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy working from a local coffee shop, the office, on airplanes or even at the beach! You simply just pack it away and bring along all its comfortable benefits wherever you go. There is no Mac accessory that comes close to the level of utility that the laptop stand offers.




In summary, if you are someone who enjoys keeping their desks well organised , then owning one of Lention’s stands is your best bet. You can now boost your productivity by staying comfortable, prevent unnecessary tension and unhealthy back and eye strain, while also impressing your workmates with your innovation and cleanliness. And even if you end up using it infrequently, it is still worth the purchase.



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