9 Ultimate Tips to Protect Your MacBook Pro

Apple MacBooks have a great advantage in that they cannot have viruses, but there are other damages that must be protected. Many activities that we do on a daily basis can be risks for your MacBook, that precious treasure that costs you your savings, and that for any home accident can be in danger. 

If you spill some coffee or water, hit something, or get a lot of sun exposure, it can be damaged and stop working properly. Therefore, it is better to prevent with a series of tips to protect your MacBook from any blow or other type of damage.

  1. Use a screen protector:

A transparent surface on the screen has a double advantage: it protects the MacBook from damage and there are also some protectors that serve to make the eyes less tired. 

Ideally, get a protector that covers both functions in one, so that your MacBook is not damaged by scratches or bumps, or your vision due to so much use of technologies.

Screen Protector

  1. Always carry your MacBook with a sturdy sleeve:

There are covers where the MacBook is inserted, of those padded that are used to travel or move around the city. But many people are unaware that there are also protective MacBook pro leather sleeve cases that remain in place when the computer is open and in use, such as smartphone cases, and these types of cases can be the ideal complement to padded cases for travel. All measures are few when it comes to protecting your work or play tool.

Apple’s new leather MacBook pro case is crafted finely and with high quality. It does not only protect your MacBook, but it also looks stylish and luxurious.

Leather Sleeve Case

  1. Also, use cover for accessories:

Also protect your headphones, cables, USB, and any additional devices, because the computer is not the only thing that can be damaged or cause problems.

Fantastic. Amazing. Gentle. Cared for Detail. Resistant. These are the words that come to your mind when you touch and try for the first time the accessories created for MacBook Pro. 

Hybrid ANC True Wireless Earbuds

  1. Prevents cables from being damaged:

Apple cables are not very cheap or easy to get, so it is worth taking good care of them because they are essential for the use of your Mac. It is advisable to always bend the cables in the same way and avoid footfalls and bumps.

USB C to USB C Fast Charging Cable

  1. Be careful with water and coffee:

If your MacBook got wet, we recommend that you quickly unplug and turn it off, remove the battery, and wait for it to dry. The dry with rice trick is useful for smartphones, but it is not recommended with computers, because dirt can enter through the keyboard. A good alternative is a towel, and if you have some technical knowledge, you can use a tool to open the laptop and remove the hard drive, to put it to dry as soon as possible.

Wall Charger

  1. Strengthen the battery with a Power Bank:

If you're working and suddenly run out of battery power, your Mac can be damaged internally. This can happen often if you use your Apple computer in different places: the cafeteria, your work, at home... That is why it is very useful to carry a Power Bank, which takes up little space and allows you to charge the laptop anywhere.

Adjustable Height Laptop Stand

  1. Keep your MacBook from getting too hot:

The direct sun can damage the screen, but you should not neglect the heat generated by the computer itself. Placing a laptop desk riser under your MacBook is a good way that it does not get so hot and can perform better. 

  1. Be careful with internet safety:

Macs are virus-free, but you may have other security issues, such as account hijacking, or people using your bank details if you don't use the Internet wisely. Use strong passwords and try to change them from time to time, browse trusted websites and avoid giving personal or banking information in public or to strangers.

  1. Make a backup:

It may already be too late to protect your MacBook because it has been lost, stolen, or irretrievably damaged. In that case, did you make a backup? Losing your laptop is a big problem, but not being able to access the information it had is even worse. If this time everything has gone wrong, we recommend that you make regular backups for the next time. You can have a hard drive in your home where you have the backup of your photos, music, and work. Thus, you can avoid several messes in the future.

Each new generation of an Apple product is accompanied by its respective accessories. Especially as far as covers and cases are concerned, it is a sort of accessory that always remains with our Apple devices. Where we have hardly seen official accessories of this type is on the Mac.

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