USB C Standing Dock for 2018-2020 iPad Pro丨LENTION

Introducing: the 7 in 1 USB-C Standing Hub.

Ever dreamt of a stand for your iPad that could also work as a SD card reader? That also had an HDMI port? A 3.5mm headphone jack? Maybe a couple of USB ports? And that allowed you to keep your iPad charged while working on it?

Well dream no more. Because the guys at @lentionofficial listened to your wishes and created one of the most convenient accessories for iPad users. They were also kind enough to send me one to test it out and do I love this thing. I used it to edit the shots of this post, it’s just genius.




My iPad is sitting on the stand, already connected to the hub. All I have to do is taking the SD card from the camera, put it in the hub and just like that I can import all my shots. No dongles around. And while I’m there, I can also edit them very easily.
I do believe this is going to become a very relevant part of my workflow and setup so once again, thank you Lention for reaching out to me.





Review and photo provided by: @flattend_
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