LENTION L5 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Desk Riser with Multiple Angle (Stand-L5)

With the popularization of Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Desk ,more and more people prefer to use Laptop Stand Desk .Because it relieves eye and hand strain. Nowadays, the quality of Laptop Stand Desk  on the market varies. Today, let us take a look at LENTION's Laptop Stand Desk  Stand-L5.





The laptop stand desk is stable and flexible. It's  angle and height are adjustable (2 - 13 Inches).Besides, when I use it with my laptop, it is very stable and does not shake. And it is no need assembly, it comes with the full-assembly adjustable laptop stand. 
Besides, the other Laptop Stand Desk used before usually will heat up after long-time working.  It surprises me that it don not heat up so quickly.
Because of the aluminum alloy material for the heat dissipation. These really are well built and offer some amazing features. 


It is exquisite and compact than other laptop stand desk. But it can  withstand up to 5kg. It has a wide compatibility and is compatible with most  laptops  within 11’’ - 15’’ .
For example,12’’ MacBook,13’’ MacBook Air,13’’ MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS, HP, ASUS, and more,15’’ MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS,   HP, ASUS, and more.
Overall, LENTION's Laptop Stand Desk  can meet your daily needs. 
Thanks for @tech.sharpii provides us this nice pictures.
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