Why The MacBook Air Should Be Your Big 2020 Purchase

Anybody who is a big fan or consumer of anything Apple makes, whether it’s their - iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, etc - then you will probably have been keeping up with everything new that they have released this year. And one of their biggest and most popular launches was the MacBook Air 2020.

The new model arrives to replace the 2018 model and comes with the new innovative Magic Keyboard. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a new keyboard design that offers up a scissor mechanism to replace the old butterfly keyboard, that a lot of past users complained about since its introduction a couple of years ago.


However, besides that the new Mac comes with a several new features and functionalities that any avid Mac user is bound to enjoy and appreciate. As a result, we put together a handy guide that dives into what makes this MacBook the number one top pick for 2020.


What Makes It Such A Good MacBook?


If you have never used a MacBook Air, then you are probably puzzled as to why everyone mis talking about it or has such a high opinion of it. In fact, chances are if you were to walk in to your nearest coffee shop or library, there will tons of Mac users all busy on their MacBook Air laptops. The reason for this is because it is actually a very fantastic piece of hardware and quite underrated, as a matter of fact. It is the perfect device for handling daily tasks such as; email, article writing, listening to music and watching movies, making presentations, etc.


Moreover, it is adored by many due to its lightweight and convenient design. This makes it perfect for those users who are always on the move. Plus, it is not too expensive! In short, it combines almost every good thing that you would ever need and want from a laptop.


Shouldn’t I Just Get The MacBook Pro Instead?


The debate of which is the better purchasing choice between the MacBook Air and Pro is a long-standing one. However, a general rule that’s shared is that if you are not completely sure that you need the MacBook Pro, then just get the MacBook Air instead. This is because the Pro is primarily design for high-performance work, eg. coding, programming, music production etc. Task that basically require enormous amounts of processing power to get done, and if you aren’t really in that sort of business, then you should not waste your money, by getting the MacBook Pro, it would just serve to be an unnecessary purchase. Plus, the new Mac Air does almost everything the Pro does and you can check out our rundown of what has changed below.



Whats So Special About The New MacBook Air? 


One of the most talked about features that the new MacBook Air offers, is the new Magic keyboard. As mentioned before, Apple used to utilize a butterfly-style keyboard, which a lot of Mac users had a problem with because they used to get damaged very easily especially due to the amount of dust the keys often let seep in. However, the good news is this new keyboard design is kinder to any user’s fingers and offers up a much more enjoyable typing experience. Moreover, the new design allows for easier maintenance and repairs, in case your keyboard does end up collecting dust and gets dirty. However, just to be safe, we would suggest purchasing a MacBook Skin to ensure protection against dust, scratches or any general forms of damage that often result from working on these devices for long periods. These skins essentially provide the ultimate full-body protection for your Mac during everyday use.  This way even if the day comes in the future that you need to sell your device, it’ll still look as brand new as the day you bought it.


The new MacBook Air also came with Apple’s new 10th generation processing chip, 256GB worth of storage space, a new battery, cheaper retail price, among a few other minor design and software improvements. Additionally, it also comes with the highly-rated T2 chip, which helps secure your data instantly. The new model also comes with Touch ID functionality and also supports 6K external display, which is just perfect for those who appreciate a higher quality screen output. However, we should recommend that you always purchase a Screen Protector when purchasing a new Mac. This is because both the screen and the keyboard are the most sensitive parts of your device, which means they are more prone to damage, scratches etc. Moreover, as much a 6k resolution is fantastic, you don’t want to end up hurting your eyes from screen glare. As such, any barrier between your eyes and the brightness of your screen is always helpful.


Another major benefit of the new Mac Air is the newly extended battery life as it now offers up to 12 hours of energy, meaning you can now leave your charger behind, without fear of your Mac suddenly shutting down unexpectedly. This is a very important new feature, especially for those always on the move, eg. campus students. However, the best part about this new MacBook is its newly lowered price point of $1000 ($900 for students) that offers double the amount of storage that the previous MacBook Air model offered, making up for a pretty good deal, even for those who are budget-minded!


In short, if you are desperately looking for a dependable MacBook that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase, then look no further than this year’s MacBook Air. It is an almost flawless piece of hardware and it will assuredly handle any task you need it to do seamlessly.

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