Why do I need a MacBook Air Screen Protector?

A screensaver was once just as the word describes, a way to save your screen from harmful effects. Now that computer screen and monitor technology has been improved, the need for a MacBook Air screen protector has been drastically reduced. Still, many, if not most of the people who use computer screensavers today, be it for entertainment or even security.


The first screen saver program was developed by IBM in 1983. The idea was first shown to the world in December 1983. Following up on this idea, Apple introduced the first screen saver program for its Lisa computer in the same year, this time allowing users to change when the screen saver was turned on. As time passed, screen savers became more developed and can now display 3D architecture and pull dynamic elements from the user's computer.

Original function:

The purpose of having AA screensavers was initially to avoid what is known as "screen burn" in the "burn-in match" on the early computer and even television monitors. These CRT monitors were mostly screen-based or even some plasma-based weather screens.

The phosphors on these screens light up at a constant rate, eventually fading the screen itself if an image is left on the screen for an extended period. To avoid this discoloration, screensavers changed the image on the screen while the user was away.

Modern purposes:

Soon enough, screen technologies improved for today's standard LCD screens that do not have this fading problem, so they technically do not need a screen protector.

Most people still use screen savers, however, primarily for entertainment. Rather than just random images that come with a screensaver, most computers also have dynamic screen capabilities, being able to pull computer users' photos or text to personalize the experience.


MacBook Air screen protector has also been used by users to protect their information while they are away from computers with others around them. Most modern computer systems allow users to set screen savers to ask for users' passwords before returning to work. In the past, screen savers also had some security flaws.

Viruses and malware are once attached to screensaver files because they will automatically run themselves on older Windows Microsoft-based systems. This problem has already been solved, but it was a failure in the security systems of some computers.

What are the advantages of the MacBook Air Screen Protector?

Protect your privacy from prying eyes:

Sometimes you need to keep your computer screen away from hostile onlookers. The innovative design of this privacy screen protector can reduce the visibility of side viewers and give you the full screen you need in today's interconnected world.

Clear from the front view:

Although this screen protector covers the eyes looking from the side, it will not affect the use of front users. You can still use your computer as usual.

Block harmful lights:

During the 8 hours of the workday, you spend most of your time sitting in front of the computer, suffering from the strong light of the computer. The privacy screen protector for PC can not only protect your privacy but also effectively block the light that is harmful to the eyes directly from the screen, to reduce eye strain caused by long-term computer use.

Easy to install:

Sometimes you need privacy, sometimes you don't. This privacy screen protector has a hanging design, easy to install and use. If you no longer want to use it, you can easily delete it.

There mainly two types of screen protectors are available in the market – Matta, and Glossy:

What is the difference between a matte and glossy screen?

Usually, a matte coating provides visual comfort for everyday use. With a sufficient supply of ambient light, it is advisable to opt for a matt panel, to facilitate concentration and the reading of long texts. In addition, it reduces eye fatigue by limiting overexposure to light. Thus, the office use of a laptop screen with a matte finish is the most suitable.

Whether your screen is on or off, this type of coating is conducive to glare. In this context and after a few hours of use, a bright environment will put more strain on your eyes. A shiny screen can therefore in certain cases or depending on eye sensitivities, cause faster ophthalmic fatigue.

On the other hand, the glossy finish significantly contrasts the colorimetry. The blacks are deeper and the colors are more intense. Different multimedia, such as movies, series, or video games are particularly suitable for glossy laptop screens.

However, screens with glossy panels are to be avoided for photography. Indeed, photography professionals prefer to work without unwanted reflections and with screens that do not saturate the colors.

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