Why are USB-C docking stations so expensive?

Although it is a device that weighs just one pound, the iPad Pro is spectacular. Equipped with all the necessary components to produce extraordinary art, it can do what a computer does, without being one. Thanks to the decision to include a USB-C port, you can now enhance your creative workspace with the best USB C docking station enabled hub or docking station for all your peripherals.

It's no secret that many Apple products are developed with the creative professional in mind. With elegant interfaces and authentic visuals, your most creative ideas come to life, in style.

The right connectivity device can help you create in style and your way. Let's break this down and know why are USB-C docking stations so expensive?


Why are USB-C docking stations so expensive?

Apple described the newly redesigned iPad Pro released in 2018 as "magic glass" capable of becoming anything the user wants, with a little creativity.

Since 2018, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro have had the capacity and power of a computer, but also the sophisticated features that creative professionals have come to love. In 2020, that means:

- More ways to interact: touch, pen, and now trackpad

- The Magic Keyboard, with a floating and magnetic design, offers a perfect viewing angle

- Extremely fast hardware, capable of running multiple applications at the same time

 - The most color accurate display you can get

- Functionality in any orientation that holds it

- A USB-C connector that makes your life easier

Of course, even Apple acknowledges that creative workflows and processes are highly personalized. While the latest iPad Pro models are sleek workstations meant to let you unleash your creativity, you can make the experience even better with a few clever tricks.

Support your creativity with the right USB-C hub or docking station:

iPad Pro shines when you're working on the go, offering a convenient way to keep the creativity flowing without the hassle of bulky hardware. Packed with powerful components, you can easily run whatever software your next creation needs.

Did you want a desktop experience? Thanks to the USB-C port, this is possible with a USB-C Docking Station or Hub.

The USB C docking station allows you to conveniently connect your iPad to whatever peripherals you want to use, all in one place. Simply connect your keyboard, monitor, external storage device, or anything else to the Docking Station. Then connect your iPad Pro via a single USB-C connection and start creating while charging your iPad Pro at fast speeds.

Why use a Docking Station?

The iPad Pro tends to crop up among creative professionals who value mobility. If you work a lot in the office and with a Docking Station you could enjoy a larger installation at home, even if you have little space.

With the correct Docking Station, you can do the following:

- Plug it in once: Once you've set up your desktop setup with the Docking Station, it's simply a matter of plugging in your iPad Pro with a single USB-C connection. No tangled cables or other wasted time.

- Charge It: Be productive while your device charges simultaneously. Fast charging allows the battery to be full in less time.

- Extend your creativity: External monitor support lets you extend (or mirror) your screen beyond iPad Pro for apps like Apple TV, iMovie, Keynote, Netflix, and more.


- More control in your hands: Additional USB ports allow users to use the keyboards and mice they know and love. The wired Ethernet connection also helps to reduce anxieties in case the WiFi network is unstable.

- Keep ports free: Apple products have never been known for boasting an abundance of ports—the iPad Pro has exactly one. A Docking Station allows you to make the most of it.

- Remove compatibility hurdles: Cameras and flat-screen TVs don't always work well with computers or other electronic devices. A universal docking station takes the headache out of figuring out which devices will work together.

- One Device: iPad Pro is meant to be your electronic stand: a Docking Station is the complete, fixed desktop solution without the hassle of a second computer.

Think big even in small spaces:

Apple was right when they made iPad Pro big enough to work comfortably, but small enough to carry around. Creative people like the freedom to find their ideal workplace, no matter how unconventional.

The docking station for iPad pro with a USB-C port is just the right one to foster that freedom. By keeping your favorite peripherals connected and configured, you'll enjoy the portability that iPad Pro offers while enjoying a creative experience back at your desk.

Whether you're in a cafe alone with your iPad Pro or moving between home and professional offices, the Docking Station is our favorite choice for connecting iPad Pro to the full universe of productive possibilities.

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