Which Is Better: Google Meet or Zoom?

These are two of the most popular videoconferencing services in the world at this moment, and they both offer very similar features. However, each of these platforms comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, which can often make it quite difficult to distinguish which one is better. After all, one service may actually suit you best, but not be ideal for use with a large team of members.


Generally speaking, when it comes to features Zoom has an advantage over Google Meet, as it offers a wide variety of options that each come with different prices. In fact, Zoom’s highest priced plan offers extensive support for a large number of participants, not to mention it also offers a free plan that is ideal for use within small teams. Alternatively, Google Meet offers better integration with other applications, allowing you to combine your videoconferencing needs with your workflow quite easily.

So, to help you make a final decision on which one will suit you and your team best, we are going to breakdown these platforms from their features to their pricing and give you our final verdict on which one is better. But before we do that, always make sure that you have all the necessary equipment needed to conduct a successful videoconferencing call. This means checking your camera, internet connection, microphone, speakers, etc. If you are intending on connecting multiple devices to your Mac at once, then you will need a usb hub hdmi as well. This is important, as it will help you expand your Mac’s connectivity ports, and plug in as many external devices that you need.


  • Zoom


When it comes to pricing Zoom comes with a free version, but as expected it has its limitations. For instance, it only allows you to host group calls with a maximum of up to 100 people and has  limit of about 40 minutes per call. However, if you take that into consideration, it shouldn’t be a problem if you need to make a conference call for small teams. Other than that, if you ned something more professional than the basic plan, you can upgrade to the Pro plan, which will set you back about $15 per month and allows you to hit meetings for up to 24 hours. It also offers a few useful features like Personal ID, among others. In this respect, if you intend to use this plan and talk fr long hours on video calls, then we suggest that you consider purchasing a laptop desk riser, if you don’t already own one. They are an excellent ergonomic way to elevate your workspace to a comfortable position, that allows you to talk for hours online without neck pain or back pain.


Besides that, there is also the Business plan which costs about $20 per month but has a minimum limit of 10 hosts per call. However, it allows for up to 300 members and offers a couple extra features as well. Finally, there is the Enterprise plan, which allows up to 500 members and offers even more extended features, such as an unlimited cloud storage, among others. There is also an upgrade option that can extend the participant limit up to 1000 members.


  • Google Meet


Google Meet is a bit different to Zoom, but it also has a quite a few similarities, when it comes to its pricing model. For instance, it also offers a free lan that allows up to 100 members per call with a time limit of about 1 hour. If you want to unlock other features, you can choose to subscribe to G Suite, which comes with a basic version that will cost you about $6 each month, the Business plan which will cost you $12 each month that allows up to 150 members per call, and the Enterprise plan which allows up to 250 members. It also offers a wide array of useful features like message recording and live-streaming, as well.


However, keep in mind that video and message recording can often take up a lot of space on your Mac’s internal hard drive, which can then slow down performance as a result. If you want to take advantage of such features you will need to get an external storage device like an SD Card, to help store some of these files and data. You may also need to purchase a usb c card reader to be able to transfer data and read/write files from your storage device too.


Extra features

Both services offer some rather useful features such as call encryption, 720p video resolution, screen sharing etc. They also both offer Gallery View, which is essentially, a tiled layout that can be used for large group-based calls. However, while Google Meet’s Gallery view is listed to 16 participants, Zoom allows up to almost 50 people. Moreover, it is a feature that can be used on almost any device. For instance, you can even use it, with your iPad! All you need is an ipad pro dock to help you setup your device in a stable position on your desk and you’re good to go!




If we were to objectively make a chic, it’s quite clear that Zoom offers almost everything that Google Meet can offer and much more. This makes it the more comprehensive choice for many. However, if you need something simpler than offer slightly better integration with the rest of your Google applications like Calendar and Gmail, then you can always use Google Meet, which is sufficient to help you in handle any work or online classes.

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