What Display Settings Can I Use To Improve Mac Viewing Experience

The good thing about owning a Mac is that you can enjoy its retina display, which should make your viewing experience much better than most. However, that display is not very helpful, when you can’t see what is on it. You may also have bad eyesight, or perhaps the screen brightness or contrast is not suited to you. Either way, there are several settings that you can tweak on your Mac to help you better see what you are doing on your Mac.


However, most users are not familiar with how to navigate their way through these settings. So, we decided to dive into the different things you can do to improve your Mac’s display today. But before we get into that, remember that you can always opt to utilize an external monitor, if you aren’t satisfied with your Mac’s display. Or, if you prefer to use a wider screen, instead. In which case, we suggest using a usb 3.0 hub long cable to help facilitate that connection.


If you don’t already own one, then we suggest the (CB-C35H-1M) model from Lention. This universally compatible device comes with a 4K HDMI connectivity port that lets you mirror or stream any video content in high definition. Moreover, it also features 4 USB 3.0 ports that allows you to plug in 4 different external devices like keyboards, mousepads or disk drives, concurrently. It also offers a maximum data transfer speed of 5Gbps, and up to 60W integrated charging for any peripherals you may own.


  1. Scaled resolution


The thing about retina display Mac’s is that you can't reduce the resolution to a specific point. Instead, these retina Macs offer "scaled resolutions", which increases the text and icon sizes for you. You can adjust these settings by heading to System Preferences > Displays. From there, you can either choose the standard display or scaled version. And depending on your Mac, you should have about four or five different sizes to choose from.


  1. Increase Text Size


If your Mac did not come with a Retina display, then there are several options you can choose to make your text bigger. Plus, this can be altered from app to app. For instance, if you can't read emails properly, you can increase the font size by heading to the Preferences > Fonts section in the Mail app. From there, you can adjust the sizes to one that suits your needs.


Alternatively, if you need to change the font size on your Messages app, you can head to Preferences > General > Text size. There are also other third-party apps like; Google Chrome, which allow you to adjust the text size.


  1. Increase CursorSize


If you are struggling to keep track of your cursor, then a simple solution is to make it bigger. You can accomplish this by heading to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display. From there you can configure the cursor’s size to something that suits your eyesight better. You can also make your typing experience much easier y expanding your workspace and giving yourself more room to use the cursor. This means utilizing either an external mouse or getting yourself a laptop stand desk.


These desks are designed to be highly adjustable and offer an enormous amount of room that provides comfort and ease while using a keyboard or mousepad. They are also an excellent way of reducing the risk of neck or back pains, as they come with a sit or stand adjustability option. This helps you better maintain your posture. In this regard, we suggest checking out the models on offer from Lention for the best quality and reliability.


  1. Brightness & Contrast Adjustment


In most cases, you can set your Mac to automatically adjust your brightness according to the ambient light in your room. This is often a preferred choice rather than constantly having to change the brightness level manually. You can set the auto feature by heading to System Preferences > Displays. From there you should be able to spot the automatic brightness option and select it. You can also adjust your display settings by increasing the contrast and reducing transparency on your screen. This will help make the borders of buttons and tabs easier to see.


Keep in mind that the level of brightness may also be affected by how you position your Mac. If you place it at an angle that isn’t at eye level, this may explain why you can't see the screen properly. In such cases, you should either move to a low-light part of the room. Or use a laptop angle stand. These Mac accessories will allow you to conveniently elevate your Mac and keep it at a level that is easier on your back, neck, and eyes.


Moreover, it helps to provide sufficient airflow to the undercarriage of your Mac. This then prevents the risk of an overheating Mac. If you don’t already own one, then Lention’s L5 stand is an excellent pick. It offers an adjustable function with multiple angles of use. Plus, it also comes with a rise-up structure, which helps you organize your workstation better. It is also extremely lightweight, portable, and compact enough to carry most laptops.


  1. Night Shift


When using your Mac at night, the harsher and bright tones that your display presents can affect how your body clock operates and make it harder to get to sleep. However, with the Night Shift feature, you are in a position to set your Mac to automatically change the colors of your display to suit the time of day. For instance, you can be switching from brighter hues that are more suited for daytime usage and opt for dimmer and warmer hues for nighttime usage. You can activate this feature by heading to System Preferences > Displays > Night Shift.

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