Top 7 Mac Apps To Download In 2021

If you recently got yourself a new MacBook then you will just be itching to find ways to improve your productivity and overall Mac experience for the better. In this respect, there are a number of useful software apps that you just have to check out that should cater to any and all your needs. Whether it’s a password vaults, task managers, security apps, or VPNs, we’ve got you covered, so let’s dive in!


#1. 1Password


if you are in search for a safe place t store your passwords, then you need to download the 1Password app. It is a very useful security tool that allows you to safely store all your usernames and passwords to multiple websites. It is one of the most convenient and secure ways to store your account details. Moreover, the app has even become very popular with many businesses, as they now use it to keep all their employees account details secure from unauthorized access. In this respect, if you tend to spend long hours in the office, you should also consider investing in a multiple laptop stand if you haven’t already. These accessories are highly useful in reducing the amount of strain on your back, neck and eyes by allowing you to elevate your Mac into a comfortable work position.


#2. CyberGhost VPN


If you have a tendency to browse online for personal or work reasons, one of the most important software apps that you need to download  is a reliable VPN client. These apps are crucial in not only protecting you from the risk of hacking or phishing but it also protects your IP address from being tracked and monitored. One of the best Mac VPN providers that you can use is CyberGhost, which is a popular choice for millions of users due to its reputation for offering excellent safety and security. Alternatively, another way to protect yourself from the risk of hacking while browsing online is to make sure that you offload any important data and files from your Mac on to an external storage device. You can make use of a multiple usb c hub and transfer as many files that you need to any external storage devices or SD Cards that you may have.


#3. Airmail


If you tend to communicate with last of people all the time in your line of work and have to deal with multiple emails per day then what you need is an email organizer app that can help ease your workload. In this respect, you can download the Airmail app, which has a multi-account feature that can let you connect multiple email accounts. It also has a useful smart inbox feature that filters out any unnecessary promotions and newsletter emails that you don’t need. 


#4. Things


If you have a problem with personal organization and keeping your tasks on track, then you will find the Things app to be a life-saver. This app is especially popular with users who often have to deal with multi-tasking as part of their usual workflow.This task manager is simple and easy-to-use and also features a wide number of features that should help make your workload more manageable. In this regard if you consider yourself a bi multi-tasker you can also always consider investing in a second monitor to help improve your setup. This will allow you to use the extend-mode on Mac, and use multiple programs on different screens. This is something very useful if you are into graphic design or music production, for example. However, keep in mind that you will need to also invest in a usb-c hub hdmi to facilitate the connections.


#5. App Cleaner


This is a free software app that will prove useful in ensuring that your Mac stays

clutter free and that your storage space doesn’t end up unnecessarily full. It doesn’t an excellent job of cleaning out your memory of any unwanted apps and also gets rid of any cache files that may be left behind by previously uninstalled applications that may now be clogging up your system.


#6. Evernote


Evernote is an extremely useful productivity app that offers a whole host of features that should make your work life much more bearable. The biggest advantage with using this app is that you no longer have to worry about forgetting about important tasks or assignments. It has an easy-to-use interface that helps you to easily create notes, be it texts, drawings, audio, etc. It even has a useful search feature for extra convenience and you can customize the app to better suit your own personal style and preferences. You can also decide to copy some of these notes and files to an external storage device using a macbook pro standing dock, making it an excellent choice for many entrepreneurs and creative users.


#7. F-Secure


If your looking for an app to help beef up your Mac’s cybersecurity the F-Secure is an excellent choice. It is designed to be used for both personal and business use, and provides a whole host of solutions that will ensure your data stays protected at all times from the risk of email threats or hacking.

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