The Best MacBook Accessories To Buy

Purchasing a MacBook these days, as compared to how it was a couple of years ago is very different. This is because despite MacBooks becoming much more powerful, efficient and reliable, they have now become more and more incomplete as time passes without any extra accessories attached to them. This comes down to reasons such as the MacBooks having fewer ports, short battery life, etc.


However, the good news is that there are several accessories available for Mac users to choose from and while some of them have become a standard, others are new products that many users have begun taking a liking to as these products seek to make their lives a bit easier. As such, we’ve decided to put together a quick guide that details all the best MacBook accessories that are available on the market and ones that you need to purchase, as they will assuredly make your Mac user experience bit more enjoyable.


Top 5 Best Mac Accessories In The Market


When we speak about MacBook accessories, what we’re referring to are essentially gadgets that improve the quality of performance and your overall user experience. For instance, if you purchased an Apple MacBook in recent years, it’s no secret that owning a USB-C hub is now a basic necessity, as the number of ports found on current Macs these days, are just too few. Another important accessory that many Mac users frequently purchase, is a power bank which essentially extends your Macs battery life. Another useful accessory is a MacBook case, which basically helps protect your Mac from liquid spillages or external damage should you even accidentally drop it.


These are but a few examples, but they make up some of the most important accessories you could ever hope to add on to your Mac in 2020. So, let’s dive a little deeper into them and explain why, you need to add these 5 Mac accessories to your shopping cart the next time you are on the hunt for some new tech gear.


  1. USB-C hub


usb c hub


As mentioned before, Apple’s MacBooks nowadays have been slimmed down and optimised to include as few ports as possible to help improve their general sleek designs. Now, while this has resulted in more meter looking laptops that are lightweight and less clunky as compared to previous models, this has also resulted in an inconvenience. This is because some users need, depending on the workload they deal with, need an extended number of ports to connect multiple devices at once.


This is where a long usb hub comes in handy. For those unfamiliar, this accessory extends the limits of your Mac setup and offers you a wider number of functioning ports to which you can connect or charge more external devices. In other words, it is essentially a one universal connector. through which you can connect your Mac to an external monitor, transfer files to an external storage drive, charge your phone or iPad etc. This means that most of these devices often offer; extended video output ports eg; (HDMI / DisplayPort / VGA), a power delivery port, SD / Micro SD Card Readers, Ethernet ports, Auxiliary Ports for music connectivity, USB 2.0/3.0 ports etc. It is an accessory that makes a tangled maze of wires something you no longer have to worry about, while delivering extra functionalities to help improve your Mac user experience.


  1. Power Bank


Considering the act that most Mac users are usually constantly on the move, it is necessary to be able to fully maximize the amount of battery life that your Mac offers. This mostly applies to eg. students on campus, people who work from coffee shops, etc. It is for this reason that one of the best accessories that you can add to your MacBook is a powerful and reliable power bank that will help extend and maximize your battery long enough throughout the day.


  1. Laptop Case


It’s no secret that accidents do happen when you own a MacBook. Whether it’s accidentally spilling your morning coffee/juice or maybe you or your kids ends up accidentally dropping your MacBook off the table. Plus, with MacBooks becoming extensively expensive as each year passes by, it raises the importance of protecting your device from external damage and preventing the need for spending money on repairs or worse, replacements. It is always a worthwhile investment to make, if you ask us!


  1. 4K monitor


Despite now owning a Mac, having to strain and look at a small screen constantly all the time can become a rather uncomfortable affair. This especially applies to those who spend long hours seated on their desks or workstations. Now, owning an external 4K monitor, goes a long way in helping alleviate any eye strains, back strains or general discomfort, as it does very well to open up your viewing experience. As such, if you haven’t already considered it, it is time to shift some of your tech budget towards looking for a good external monitor to work with.


  1. MacBook Stand


These days, laptops have done well to change the way people work and function. Instead of being stuck on a single workstation for hours on end, people can now take their work with them wherever they go, be it to the library, coffee house, dorm, classroom, etc. And while this form of remote and mobile working is convenient, it does have its own drawbacks as well. For instance, when using a laptop, there is always a constant need to always look down to your screen. This inevitably puts a lot of strain on your back and posture, which over time can cause neck pains, back pains, etc.


As such, one of the best ways you can avoid experiencing back or neck problems is to purchase an adjustable laptop angle stand which would allow you more comfortable viewing experience. These accessories are highly sought after by Mac users, as they essentially provide you with the opportunity to make use of an external mouse and keyboard and also build yourself the perfect ergonomic workstation at any place that you decide to work from.

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