Should You Buy The 2020 Mac Mini?

In the past couple of years, Apple has continued to launch its wide range of Macs and MacBooks. And by 2020, Apple has presented us with a wide variety of options and alternatives to choose from. Whether it is the desktop-oriented iMac, all-powerful MacBook Pro or conveniently lightweight MacBook Air, there is something for everyone. However, what consumers are slowly realizing is that as the years go by, the prices behind these devices keep getting higher and higher. For instance, the 2020 MacBook Pro is now retailing for about $2400. Meanwhile, the iMac is set at $2500 and $6000 for the Mac Pro (which doesn’t even have a display monitor). This then raises the question, is there a cheaper and more affordable option in Apple line of products, that can seemingly handle intense tasks like the iMac or Mac Pro at a fraction of the cost? The answer to that question is yes, there is! It’s called the Mac mini.


A Mac mini is essentially a small desktop core that has been around, but for some reason has stayed under the radar for a long time. In the past, Apple often marketed it a casual computer, but once the 2018 version rolled out with better and more powerful performance specifications that began attracting the attention of even the most professional of Apple consumers. The device looks no different than a small square black box and it comes with a wide array of accessibility ports to connect any external devices (e.g. a monitor, a keyboard). This allows it to be carried and used anywhere as long as you have keyboard and PC monitor nearby. However, most users often prefer to also purchase a usb c hub to pair with the device, as it is a Mac accessory that basically extends the limits of your Mac Mini setup. This means it offers up an even wider number of connectivity ports to which you can connect or charge more external devices. This is often a common preference among those who often deal with using multiple external devices at once, eg. external monitors, chargers, external hard drives etc.


What Upgrades Does The 2020 Mini Bring?


The new M1 chip that has been introduced by Apple this year brings about a drastic improvement. This is in terms of performance and efficiency across all devices, including the 2020 MacBooks. It comes with an 8-core CPU, with four based on high efficiency and the other four based on high performance. The CPU also offers three times the performance that the 2018 Mac Mini offered with six times better GPU performance as well. Meanwhile, the system processes and workloads function up to 15 times the speed, making it even better in performance as compared to the Windows desktop.


When it comes to design there are not very many changes as compared to the 2018 model. It looks pretty much the same as the M1 version and is available in Silver, while the Intel version is available in Space Gray. It is also highly configurable, with the M1 adjustable up to 16GB Ram, while the Intel version can go up to 64GB. However, you can upgrade the storage of both devices up to up to 2TB storage space. The device also offers up 6K resolution and 4K through HDMI and because of that, we would also recommend that you purchase a 10ft usb c to usb c cable, as well. It will be very beneficial if you need to connect to an external monitor and would like some distance while doing so.


In terms of ports, the Mac mini offers extensive versatility, even when you compare it to most other laptops as it comes features a HDMI, 2 USB-As, Ethernet, 4 USB-Cs and an Auxiliary jack. However, like we said you can always expand your ports further with a USB Hub. When it comes to pricing the M1 version starts off at $700 and offers 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. There is also the 512GB SSD version that is priced at $900. Meanwhile, the Intel Mini is available at a retail price of $1,100.




In summary, the Mac Mini is a good product that offers excellent processing power at a reasonable price. It is also highly expandable and adapts to any external monitor, mouse or keyboard that you may have. It’s potential is limitless and as such, if you can afford it, we recommend that you take the plunge because it’s worth the investment. Also, if you find yourself stuck trying to decide between the Mac Mini and the Intel version, then let’s make it easy for you. In a nutshell, if you want the more affordable and powerful option, then choose the M1 over the Intel. It’s the best choice.

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